Discover all the possible integrations for ADF/XML (automotive)
ADF/XML (automotive)

Discover all the possible integrations for ADF/XML (automotive)

Connect ADF/XML (automotive) with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your ADF/XML (automotive) data.

What is ADF? ADF stands for Auto-lead Data Format. It’s an industry-standard data format used for data-keeping of customer leads.

In the past, there was no setup for collecting customer leads in the automotive industry. There was no infrastructure capable of sustaining a lead follow-up system because lead handling requires transmission of data between manufacturers, dealers, and customers.

This brought about the need for an open standard that could capture customer leads, consistently store, and transmit them to manufacturers and dealers—the need for something that could bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers as well as dealerships.

ADF is the standard data format introduced in 2000 by 13 leading automotive-focused internet companies to supply consistent tools and processes to dealerships, which in turn expand customer services and maximize the sale of cars and other vehicles.

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Thanks to this format, customers interested in buying a car can comfortably go online, fill a web-form, and sign up as a lead for a future follow-up. ADF streamlines the delivery of lead data to the dealerships who can follow-up and score a sale.

ADF automotive infrastructure boosts sales and improves customer satisfaction and reduces problems that arise because of poor communication. Customers receive fast and accurate services, and manufacturers observe an increase in sales.

ADF is an XML-based standard. XML is an Extensible Mark-up Language known for its ease of readability. XML is used for creating data blocks that can be translated into actual information with minimal effort. ADF data is saved in XML format.

Companies load up ADF data onto their Customer Retention Management Systems. These CRMs parse the XML files and formulate output information into leads that are easy to read and follow-up.

ADF is comprehensive yet straightforward and versatile. Every lead is divided into four blocks with the first block containing data and time of submission of lead. The second block contains vehicle data, including the model, year, and make, while the third block contains the customer’s contact information.

The fourth block hosts information about the desired automotive vendor.

ADF leads are transmitted through SMTP emails. Dealerships can acquire these leads through their emails for a swift follow-up.

By integrating ADF-XML with LeadsBridge, organizations can bring all the leads to one dashboard and use LeadBridge’s related services for timely follow-ups. Companies increase their productivity by ten folds through integration with LeadsBridge as the entire system is automated. This saves a significant amount of time.

ADF/XML (automotive) features:

  • Maximizes Revenue

    Through the standardized ADF format, dealerships get reliable information on sale leads. This results in a massive boost in revenues. Manufacturers get to sell more cars and dealerships make more commission on every vehicle sold.

  • Enhanced Customer Support

    Customers get extended and reliable support due to ADF. Their feedback is also readily collected from time to time and is used to better the service.

  • Easy To Parse

    XML is easy to translate and interpret. Customer Retention Management Systems quickly parse ADF being based on XML at dealerships, and leads are generated at a much faster rate.

  • Cost-Effective

    ADF has reduced the cost of operation by ten folds. Today’s world is wholly digitized, which makes lead-generation quick and convenient.


Discover all the possible integrations for ADF/XML (automotive)

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