Discover all the possible integrations for CDK

Discover all the possible integrations for CDK

Connect CDK with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your CDK data.

What is CDK? It is one of the leading customer relationship management platforms that rely on creating multichannel customer-focused experiences instead of the spend-and-acquire model. With CDK integration, businesses can effectively manage their leads and potential customers to deliver exceptional experiences that can drive business growth.

CDK allows businesses to win over critical moments through the deployment of automated solutions that include personalized messaging, lead tracking, and mobile tools. It helps users deliver high-quality sales and service at a much larger scale with streamlined processes and seamless operations. The CRM helps dealerships in initiating new communication channels that are more personalized, scalable, and highly targeted.

Moreover, CDK brings a loyalty rewards program that enables businesses to keep their customers coming back. This allows them to address their customer needs in a better way, increase their sales, and turn hot leads into repeat customers. The CRM is also available through mobile applications so users can continue from anywhere anytime. User-friendly apps provide real-time reports, updates, and robust connectivity at all times.

The automated workflows mean dealerships don't have to deal with manual labor, and they can redirect their resources towards creating a premium experience for their customers. CRM provides workflow optimization and cuts down the workload reducing the processing time, which is great for the business as well as its customers.

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There is an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard interface that brings a comprehensive overview of all dealership operations helping the users to make profitable, more informed, and data-backed decisions. The responsive design of the CRM means sales reps can work from any device they want, including desktop PCs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Customer tracking can be quite a time-consuming and tedious task. However, CDK has a built-in follow-up system that enables users to track any customer contact across a number of teams delivering quick and relevant results every time. This cuts down the time and effort needed to manually cross-check and find the right customer.

The straightforward interface of the CRM provides an easy learning curve for new salespeople. This means businesses can make the onboarding process quicker and more convenient for newcomers; they can start working in a matter of hours focusing their energy on making sales instead of learning software. With built-in coaching, managers can review the activity and performance of their staff and provide their feedback regularly.

Using CDK, dealerships can quickly and conveniently track and gather vendor information, expense reports, invoices, and charge accounts. Insight-backed surveys, along with customer information in detail, helps dealerships acquire high-quality leads, meet or exceed customer expectations, and deliver great overall experiences.

CDK features:

  • Automated Workflows

    Dealership can make the most of automated optimized workflows to close more deals and cut down the operational and manual labor burden.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard

    A user-friendly dashboard interface brings a comprehensive overview of all operations helping businesses make more informed and data-backed decisions.

  • Built-in Monitoring & Coaching

    Sales managers can view the performances and activities of their subordinates and provide feedback in real-time to keep things moving forward.

  • Effective Lead Management

    CDK helps businesses through multiple automated solutions that include personalized messaging, lead tracking, and mobile tools.


Discover all the possible integrations for CDK

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