Discover all the possible integrations for DriveCentric

Discover all the possible integrations for DriveCentric

Connect DriveCentric with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your DriveCentric data.

DriveCentric is an innovative customer relationship management system for dealerships that will help effectively connect with clients and generate bigger revenue.

A powerful CRM system is needed for any business that works with clients as it allows them to communicate and engage better, manage all tasks, calls, and appointments for better productivity and results. Dealership business requires an industry-oriented system that will help achieve tangible results with ease. A dealership of any size can integrate DriveCentric to become more productive and effective.

DriveCentric integration enables a company to keep track of all interactions with clients from one single dashboard. The power of Artificial Intelligence implemented in the CRM will help a team convert new lead information and stay more organized. With powerful automation, a team will be focused on closing sales. The system also enables a company to track users’ shopping behavior to see when they are ready to discuss the deal.

DriveCentric integration gives access to desking in one click. It will enable a team to effectively and quickly streamline the workflow. An agent will be able to generate proposals with consolidated data that will help clients make decisions in the most simple way.

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In addition, DriveCentric integration allows a business to use a modern click-to-call feature that enables agents to call a client in one click without needing to dial the whole number. It will be possible to make quick call notes and provide clients with the best solutions and motivate them to purchase. Each call will be recorded, so an agent can get back to it and refresh some important details.

With DriveCentric integration, a team will be able to send promotional emails directly from the CRM to increase engagement. Advanced analytics enable a team to see all results and key metrics to improve email marketing practices in the future. A company will be able to see all communications directly from the CRM with no need to switch between apps for increasing efficiency.

A company can integrate DriveCentric to create a positive dealership image and work on building a strong online reputation, as well as to increase the Google review score. The system will automatically send review requests to customers after an agent closes the deal. This is a great chance to promote the company’s credibility and gain other users’ trust. A team can keep track of all feedback, define weak and strong points to enhance customer experience, and optimize all processes.

It will be beneficial for a company to integrate DriveCentric with LeadsBridge to access an advanced set of useful features that can increase productivity.

DriveCentric features:

  • Convenient Mobile Application

    A team can integrate DriveCentric modern mobile application and access all data at any time, even on the go.

  • Automated Data Collection

    The system will collect all client data automatically, so agents can focus on more important tasks and close more deals.

  • Simple and Neat Interface

    The system is very simple, and it’s easy to navigate. All features and data can be accessed in one single click.


Discover all the possible integrations for DriveCentric

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