Discover all the possible integrations for DealerPeak

Discover all the possible integrations for DealerPeak

Connect DealerPeak with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your DealerPeak data.

DealerPeak is a powerful customer relationship management system that enables businesses to easily capture and manage leads for better conversions and more closed deals.

An effective CRM is needed for any team and company that wants to connect effectively with visitors, clients, and leads to increase conversions and drive sales. DealerPeak CRM integration is a perfect specialized solution designed for car dealership business that makes all working processes much easier and effective to achieve fast revenue growth. It will be suitable for small to medium and large companies that want to optimize the workflow and be more productive.

DealerPeak integration combines all tools and technologies a team needs for effective performance. It’s easy to use, and it will certainly help a dealership grow. The CRM is fully customizable to suit any business needs. There is a wide range of features and functionality that can manage sales and sell even more. A team will be able to see all the data needed from a personalized dashboard that can also be adjusted to fit a team.

With DealerPeak CRM integration, a company can integrate text and phone features to always stay in touch with clients and not to miss opportunities. It will be perfect for establishing connections, following up, and providing all the assistance needed. In addition, it will be possible to manage all appointments, track all customer accounts to respond with the most personalized and relevant message that will grab attention.

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DealerPeak integration delivers real-time notifications, so a team always stays on top of daily activities and receives alerts to get familiar with the information that can be crucial to close deals. It’s worth noting that a company can see all visitors’ activities on a website to offer them the most relevant help in gaining more sales opportunities.

With DealerPeak integration, sales reps can communicate with clients in the most effective way. There is an option of call recording that makes it possible to evaluate the team’s performance and identify critical aspects for improvements. Call time duration will also be recorded to analyze communication effectiveness.

SMS messaging service enables a team to connect with clients via text, as this is the most preferred type of interaction for customers. Team members will be able to send messages right from the CRM system to save time and effort. To make employees’ performance even more effective, it will be possible to create custom workflows, so sales reps can follow a personalized path with clients and tasks.

DealerPeak CRM integration with LeadsBridge is a great choice to enhance the existing set of features and benefit from it to optimize the workflow and achieve tangible results.

DealerPeak features:

  • Convenient Mobile App

    With a modern mobile application, DealerPeak CRM integration becomes available anywhere at any time to access all core data even on the go and close more sales.

  • Quick Inventory

    With DealerPeak integration, a team will be able to get a quick and informative inventory, manage it, and see the catalog available as well as prices.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Advanced reporting makes it possible for a team to easily measure the overall performance to identify areas for improvements.


Discover all the possible integrations for DealerPeak

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