Discover all the possible integrations for Velocify

Discover all the possible integrations for Velocify

Connect Velocify with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Velocify data.

Velocify is a complete lead management solution, perfect for educational institutions, mortgage brokers, and insurance organizations that primarily sell their products or services over the phone or via email. The company is focused on helping its customers convert leads into customers and automate their sales operations.

Velocify also has some robust reporting features that keep the management team updated on what's going on. Additional Velocify features include workflow automation, scoring and prioritization, duplicate lead management tools, and lead routing functionality.

Velocify is recommended for companies that sell high-value goods or services in the B2C space and are looking for an adequate solution to manage the leads that come through the Internet. The solution serves a wide range of industry sizes, including small and large enterprises.

Velocify is a cloud-based application that combines the power of email marketing, sales management, telecommunications, calendar planning, and customer/staff management, all within easy-to-use platforms. From the management user's dashboard, it’s possible to easily navigate to check real-time reports of sales activities and staff success rates both at the moment and in the past. Users can check their custom reports as Velocify will automatically generate their favorite reports and analysis criteria.

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A calendar and planning application is also integrated into the management software so that users can monitor and plan sales meetings, appointments, training days, and contractual anniversaries. Managers can also use this management tool to verify employee success and monitoring, as well as to review special sales occasions or even customer birthdays.

Velocify comes with a free mobile application that is possible to download. Once installed, Velocify enables users to log in with credentials and see the entire back end of the software and the database in complete transparency. With Velocify is also possible to add sales leads, close leads, schedule meetings, edit leads, edit events, and contact customers or leads via SMS, email, or telephone.

Thanks to the integration with LeadsBridge, companies have at their disposal hundreds of Velocify integrations, including Velocify lead manager integrations and the main advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google and LinkedIn ads, landing page builders and many others.

Velocify features:

  • Unify Communications

    Velocify lead manager is the only sales engagement platform that integrates the right mix of communications to help representatives stay focused and engage potential customers

  • Increase production

    Make sure each representative follows the best practices

  • Improve Visibility

    No more problems in the dissemination of data. Keep track of all activities, from postponement to closing

  • Opportunity management

    Enhance team's ability to respond right now with the right team member and the context needed to keep your potential customers involved


Discover all the possible integrations for Velocify

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