Discover all the possible integrations for Mailshake

Discover all the possible integrations for Mailshake

Connect Mailshake with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Mailshake data.

Mailshake is a versatile software for corporate enterprises and businesses for recruiting, sales engagement, link building, and public relations outreach. Using Mailshake integration with their technology stack, companies can increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

How to use Mailshake? Organizations can use it for automated email outreach, which combines personalization with automatic follow-ups. This helps in improving and scaling the cold leads. Businesses can also engage with their leads and prospects through phone and social media.

Mailshake brings a multitude of innovative features that can be quite helpful for a wide range of brands. One of them is an integrated phone dialer, which enables sales agents to make cold calls right from their web browser with a built-in dialer. It's intuitive and user-friendly, even for non-tech savvy people.

The service is also beneficial for carrying out exceptional social media outreach. With the help of Mailshake, businesses can improve the quantity and quality of their connections with prospects through major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Mailshake ensures that businesses have all the flexibility they need when creating an outreach campaign.

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Apart from the versatility and flexibility of the software itself, Mailshake also brings the best in the business support for its users. Besides the sales engagement features, Mailshake's customer success team works with brands to provide them with the required assistance to build effective and cost-efficient sales cadences.

Businesses can make the most of weekly live training sessions to improve their outreach campaigns. They can also benefit from concierge onboarding, where Mailshake's success team analyzes and evaluates the business and its outreach strategy to make optimal recommendations and suggestions based on long-term industry experience.

For improved customer relations management, Mailshake offers Lead Catcher, which is specialized software for managing and tracking leads and overall performance. Businesses can reply directly to their leads from within Mailshake software.

It also enables a wide range of companies to monitor clicks, replies, opens, and other modes of engagement. Sales agents can work on new leads at a quick pace enabled by smart queuing while the software updates lead status automatically without any need for manual input.

Now the question is, can you integrate Mailshake with Salesforce? The best thing about Mailshake is that businesses can integrate it with their CRM and other applications without any requirement for a developer.

Any business that is struggling to turn its prospects into hot leads, and customers can rely on Mailshake to develop effective outreach campaigns through different mediums, including email and social media. Moreover, with specialized software, businesses can track the performance of their leads and how they're performing.

On the other hand, integrations with a diverse variety of digital resources, including CRMs, allows businesses to be highly flexible and versatile in terms of streamlining their operations.

Mailshake features:

  • Robust Integrations

    With Mailshake integrations, businesses can expand on the functionality and versatility of their technology stack to streamline their operations.

  • Lead & Prospect Management

    Mailshake enables businesses to manage their leads and prospects while monitoring and tracking the performance of every lead.

  • Effective Outreach Campaigns

    Using popular social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, brands can create effective outreach campaigns that generate hot leads.

  • Customer Success Support

    Mailshake provides one-on-one help to businesses with their customer success support to ensure every user is making the most of the software.


Discover all the possible integrations for Mailshake

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