Discover all the possible integrations for FreshDesk

Discover all the possible integrations for FreshDesk

Connect FreshDesk with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your FreshDesk data.

Freshdesk is an effective AI-based customer support platform that offers innovative solutions for better customer assistance.

Maintaining loyal and trustworthy relationships with customers is crucial for the overall business reputation. Choosing the right platform for customer support activities will define the success of a company’s communication with clients. Integration with Freshdesk can be a beneficial solution for any SMB company that wants to stay in touch with their customers all the time.

Freshdesk features are immense. By integrating with the platform, businesses will be able to keep track of all communication records effortlessly. A customer support team will easily tag, prioritize, and assign tickets to make all processes more effective.

Team inbox will enable employees to manage all incoming tickets. Integration with Freshdesk allows a company to set deadlines for ticket resolution based on set criteria such as business hours or urgency level. The smart AI-driven system will ensure that multiple agents don’t tackle the same ticket.

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Freshdesk integration enables the customer support team to create custom ticket status to quickly identify the stage of ticket processing and catch up to provide impeccable assistance.

Among useful Freshdesk features, there is an opportunity to create replies to the most common questions in advance and answer clients in a blink of an eye, saving time.

In case a challenging, complex ticket appears, the whole team can work on it together to provide the best solution and address any occurring issue as soon as possible.

Customer segmentation is also possible, and a team will be able to create lists and provide the most personalized support based on specific clients’ needs. The system also enables companies to get their unique vanity URL for the support portal to provide impeccable client experience.

With Freshdesk, a team will be able to customize the support portal, choose the most appropriate layout, pick pre-designed themes, and adjust it according to a company’s needs.

Support agent roles are also customizable, and it’s possible to give various permission for specific actions and access.

Freshdesk integration allows managing all support communication channels such as emails, phones, chats, and social media messengers.

A team member can manage email tickets, track and record all incoming calls, integrate social media pages, and install a live chat to communicate with customers easily on a website.

Freshdesk integration also makes it possible to optimize the operational workflow by creating service tasks, tracking time spent on resolving customers’ tickets as well as scheduling tasks and appointments on a convenient dashboard.

All repetitive tasks can be facilitated by powerful workflow automation that will save time and team effort to let them focus on more critical tasks. AI can sort tickets, assign them to the right customer support manager, and monitor all tickets. The system can periodically send customer satisfaction reports as well to track the results more effectively.

LeadsBridge integration with Freshdesk will grant users access to a broad set of advanced features that will optimize all business processes to achieve set goals faster.

FreshDesk features:

  • High Level of Security

    The platform is entirely safe and secure in use as all the confidential data and conversation records will be protected. Custom SSL certificates, identity management IP and network restrictions, data encryption, and cross-site scripting migration make integration with Freshdesk a safe choice for a business.

  • Integration with Other Apps

    Freshdesk HubSpot integration, as well as integration with other useful tools, services, and applications, can make the working process smooth and effective.

  • Deep Insight

    Visualized analytics enables a company to make well-informed business decisions based on key results and metrics from their activities. Freshdesk integration makes it possible to analyze any customer support data and make appropriate improvements.


Discover all the possible integrations for FreshDesk

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