Discover all the possible integrations for Helpscout

Discover all the possible integrations for Helpscout

Connect Helpscout with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Helpscout data.

Helpscout is an innovative service that makes communication with customers more effective and enables companies to provide the best timely support for better satisfaction.

Professional and timely customer support can create a positive business image. What is Helpscout? It’s a great solution for any small to medium company that wants to take their communication with visitors and customers to the next level.

Helpscout integration is a great way to connect with visitors, leads, and customers via emails, phone calls, chat communication. What is Helpscout for a business? It’s a perfect solution that will enable a team to keep all conversations across teams and brands separated and organized to access them easily if needed.

Helpscout integration enables a team to facilitate the working process by saving answers for the most commonly asked questions to save teammates time and effort. Communication collision will be impossible as a customer support rep will be able to see who’s responding to an inquiry in real-time.

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Team members can also categorize and tag conversations for timely reporting. In case of a challenging client’s problem, representatives can send private notes, send mentions in order to collaborate together and provide the best solution to any issue.

A company will be able to access the sidebar that contains all the information about a customer, including previous conversation history, contact details, all website or app activities. That will allow a team to make a conversation with a client even more meaningful, personalized, and effective. All client profiles can be sorted, filtered for better productivity. A powerful automation feature will reduce time wasted on filling customer’s details.

The service allows a business to provide the impeccable customer support as representatives can switch between chats, emails in one click and see all inbox updates in real-time not to miss any conversation. It’s possible to get notifications in a browser or on a mobile device to answer even on the go.

To help customers get familiar with a business, a company can create a knowledge base so all visitors can access it with no need to reach customer support managers. The most detailed answers to popular questions can be published in the form of an article or Q&A section to increase the satisfaction rate.

Proactive messaging software will allow a team to reduce support requests, initiate the conversation, and effectively engage with visitors. Different proactive message types are available to fit business needs. These messages will be triggered by various conditions that a team can set.

Helpscout integration with LeadsBridge is possible to open access to advanced tools and features that can facilitate the daily operational routine.

Helpscout features:

  • Live Chat

    A modern live chat facilitates communication with visitors and enables instant responses from customer support reps for impeccable client service.

  • Visualized Analytics

    With advanced visualized analytics, a team will be able to measure the success of all conversation and improve the practices in the future.

  • Integrations

    Helpscout integration with other amazing services and tools has been made possible to enhance the results and optimize the working process.


Discover all the possible integrations for Helpscout

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