Discover all the possible integrations for LiveChat Inc
LiveChat Inc

Discover all the possible integrations for LiveChat Inc

Connect LiveChat Inc with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your LiveChat Inc data.

What is LiveChat Inc? It is one of the most dynamic and versatile customer service platforms that help businesses connect with their prospects and customers while streamlining all of their textual communication.

LiveChat Inc integration with a complete array of digital communication services makes it powerful and robust. It can integrate with email, Messenger, Apple Business Chat, SMS, WhatsApp, websites, and even chat links to provide a unified experience in one place.

The service makes it quick and easy for a diverse variety of companies to capture leads and make the purchasing process a breeze for their customers. With the help of product cards, brands can exhibit their goods during their conversation with prospects. This helps them sell in a better way.

Moreover, AI chatbot automation combined with custom forms helps businesses to qualify leads for improved returns on their investment. Apart from that, companies can also track their sales performance and match them up with forecasts to see the comparative results. This also helps them develop a perspective on how they're selling better with LiveChat Inc.

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With advanced features that introduce convenience, efficiency, and robust processes, businesses have all the ingredients to build exceptional customer experiences. They can solve their customers' problems proactively and answer questions and concerns that prospects may have. The service also provides assistance in identifying potential questions that clients may have to respond preemptively.

LiveChat Inc allows businesses to create the right balance of artificial intelligence and human endeavor to curate the perfect experience for their customers. Chatbots help companies generate new leads, issue tickets, and communicate on different channels. They can also help route chats to a human sales agent.

In addition to these features, LiveChat Inc Oracle integration and integration with over 150 other digital tools, including LeadsBridge, Woocommerce, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and more, allows businesses to streamline their sales and marketing operations in one place to enhance operational and financial efficiencies.

Using this service, a single live chat agent can communicate with multiple customers simultaneously while maintaining a high satisfaction rate with all customers. LiveChat Inc enables business sales agents to be more efficient, cutting down the cost of delivering customer service.

LiveChat Inc is also a non-intrusive and personal form of communication that allows brands to connect with their customers in a more effective manner gaining their trust and developing long term loyalty. The brand reputation a business earns this way converts into revenue over the course of the next few years.

Including LiveChat Inc to a website also boosts the credibility of the business as the visitor immediately knows there is a real person ready to provide them with the required help.

It also helps sales agents to be proactive. For instance, if they see a customer struggling to make a payment, they can reach out instantly and resolve the issue for them. This is a win-win situation for both parties as the business gets the sale while the customer feels happy for great service.

LiveChat Inc features:

  • Proactive Customer Support

    With LiveChat Inc, businesses can anticipate their customers’ issues and concerns and provide them with the required help even before they reach out.

  • Drive Sales & Business Growth

    Through product cards and an effective combination of AI chatbots and sales agents, brands can drive the revenue growth to hit their sales targets.

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    A single sales agent can communicate with multiple customers at a time providing exceptional service for improved customer satisfaction.

  • Performance Tracking

    Organizations can track the performance of their sales and marketing teams within the LiveChat Inc platform for better decision making and planning.


Discover all the possible integrations for LiveChat Inc

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