Discover all the possible integrations for Zendesk

Discover all the possible integrations for Zendesk

Connect Zendesk with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Zendesk data.

Zendesk is a CRM software designed for businesses who are looking to deliver enhanced customer engagement, sales, and support to foster better relationships with their customers. Zendesk automation allows an organization to turn conversations into conversion with versatile and dynamic sales management tools that help them improve processes, productivity, and pipeline visibility.

Zendesk integrations include the ability to tie the service with more than 500 free apps in a variety of categories, including productivity, time tracking, and project management.

The service offers a variety of specialized solutions to cater to different business needs. Zendesk Support is a system that's purpose-built to prioritize, track, and solve customer support tickets quickly and conveniently. It helps businesses in speeding up response times and allows agents to focus on a quick resolution.

The skill-based routing feature assigns every ticket to the right agent or triggers a time or changes based ticket workflow. Businesses have the option to use macros for quick responses to standard requests with pre-specified actions. It also enables users to generate other actions such as changing the ticket status or modifying specific fields.

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Organizations can provide their agents with the relevant customer context they require to deliver swift and highly personalized responses. There is an essentials card that shows all the relevant details of the customer that the agent is serving along with the interaction history, which informs the agent about all the previous communication.

There is also an option to insert a ticket dynamically based on the customer's preferred language. This saves much time as agents don't need to do the translation manually.

The collaboration add-on included in Zendesk Support helps agents to communicate with other team members through Slack or email to ensure timely resolution of customer issues. Zendesk Support enables customers to communicate with the business through web or mobile, or initiate a conversation through email, social media, or any other channel they want.

Ticket forms can help businesses in creating multiple support request forms with a distinct set of ticket fields. This makes it convenient for the agents to understand the type of support for which the customer is searching. There is also an option to collect additional information through custom and conditional ticket fields for enhanced context.

The SLA views feature enables agents to keep SLA conditions in mind to prevent any breaches while a multilingual administrative interface helps them operate in their preferred language.

Zendesk Support can handle 300 different products, brands, service tiers, or regions. All the activity and data remain centralized and are always tied to a single account for convenient management.

Zendesk Sunshine is an innovative CRM platform that is native to AWS. It provides businesses with a comprehensive sketch of their customer based on any data — from any source. It gives companies the ability to innovate based on hard facts and the capacity to scale quickly. Most importantly, this delivers businesses the freedom to curate and nurture exceptional experiences for their customers.

To further improve the effectiveness of the solution, businesses can rely on Zendesk Salesforce integration. It helps organizations to bring all the customer data and analytics together to develop a comprehensive strategy to streamline operations.

Zendesk features:

  • Built for Speedy Resolutions

    Features like guided mode, dynamic content, predefined actions, and customer context enable agents to provide speedy responses and resolutions.

  • Multichannel Communication

    Zendesk gives customers the freedom to communicate with the base through multiple channels, including web, application, and social media platforms.

  • Ticket Forms

    With customized ticket forms, the company's agents have access to the relevant information they need to address customers' concerns.

  • Third-Party Integrations

    Zendesk integrations with hundreds of applications and add-ons, including Salesforce, allows businesses to expand and streamline their operations.


Discover all the possible integrations for Zendesk

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