Discover all the possible integrations for WebinarNinja

Discover all the possible integrations for WebinarNinja

Connect WebinarNinja with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your WebinarNinja data.

WebinarNinja is a comprehensive webinar platform that delivers everything users and businesses need to create and broadcast exceptional webinar experiences. With WebinarNinja integration, companies can create all types of events, including summits, series, automated, and hybrid webinars. The versatility of the platform allows businesses to reach out to an extended audience effectively and grow their business.

The major draw of WebinarNinja is its ease of use. There are no long and complicated procedures to go through, and users can create a webinar within a minute going through a ten-step process. This helps brands to get their sign-ups and subscriptions as quickly as possible.

Another key feature of the tool is its built-in flexibility. Users can create any type of webinar they want. Live webinars allow them to broadcast their message live and interact with the attendees while automated webinars can be offered on-demand or on prescheduled times. The tool also lets users create a series of webinars that usually include multiple courses, summits, sessions, and workshops. On the other hand, hybrid webinar enables users to blend recorded footage with live interaction.

During live webinars, users can share slides and their screens. There are multiple engagement options, including instant messaging, live polls, offers, and dedicated question and answer area. Brands can also insert their own video during a live stream and manage their webinar by blocking certain attendees.

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Using WebinarNinja means organizations can automatically send confirmation as well as reminder emails to their attendees that include detailed information about the event. Emails can be customized to add a personal feel, and they can be saved as default templates. They also have the ability to send follow-up emails as a one time or drip campaign.

Many users wonder about how to integrate WebinarNinja with their current technology stack. The tool can be connected with a wide variety of enterprise software, including Active Campaign, Drip, HubSpot, AWeber, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, and more. Some organizations also ask how does WebinarNinja integrate with Infusionsoft? The answer is quickly and easily! Through exceptional integration, brands can bring everything on a single platform to improve their operations.

Users can get access to data-backed meaningful insights in terms of how well their webinars are performing. They can measure and evaluate conversion as well as attendance rates. This feature also allows users to track offer clicks and retention rates. Businesses can export their attendee data, conversation history, questions, and results of polls with a single tap.

Businesses can also make the most of tested high conversion custom registration and thank you page templates. Users have the option to customize them even further and make them their own without any need for coding or technical expertise. With a live Page Builder editor, it's easy to add the brand logo, photos, and videos. These custom pages can be saved as templates for future use.

WebinarNinja features:

  • Create Different Types of Webinars

    Users get the option to create a variety of different webinars suited for their purpose, including hybrid, automated, live, and series events.

  • No Complex or Long Procedures

    With WebinarNinja, companies can create a webinar within a minute without having to deal with convoluted and long drawn out processes.

  • Custom Emails & Thank You Page Templates

    Businesses can engage more people through custom email notifications and reminders, along with personalized thank you pages.

  • Data Analytics

    Meaningful insights and analytics about the event and attendees help businesses see their weaknesses and improve their future webinar sessions.


Discover all the possible integrations for WebinarNinja

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