Discover all the possible integrations for Easy Webinar
Easy Webinar

Discover all the possible integrations for Easy Webinar

Connect Easy Webinar with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Easy Webinar data.

EasyWebinar is a tool specially designed to create live and automated sessions with a high conversion rate. It offers innovative and useful features that brands can benefit from. With EasyWebinar integration, businesses can deliver an immersive and engaging experience to their attendees that puts them in a position to drive revenue growth and improve their return on investment.

The key EasyWebinar feature is its robust security that every business can trust. All the media, as well as traffic, is encrypted through effective industry-standard protocols. Media between the server and client makes use of standard protocols and has 128 bit AES encryption. On the other hand, API traffic between the server and client is also encrypted and transferred through a secure HTTPS connection.

Live webinars offer a range of features including smooth streaming, high definition video, real-time instant messaging, archiving, HD screen sharing, and the ability to have multiple presenters. All these features turn webinar sessions into a great experience opening up the opportunity for businesses to convert.

Users can also create automated webinars that are pre-recorded but help businesses deliver a live event like experience. This helps brands in reaching a larger audience, and they have the ability to repurpose their live webinars. Users can specify a certain time for the stream or make it accessible on-demand. This flexibility ensures that attendees can never miss the event and watch it whenever they want.

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Businesses can also integrate EasyWebinar with their CRM for better management and a collective marketing effort through a single platform. EasyWebinar Infusionsoft integration allows businesses to bring all of their marketing automation and sales efforts together, driving operational efficiency for the department for sustainable growth.

Integrations allow users to add attendees and trigger certain actions, automatically cutting down the resources required to manage a webinar. It can also integrate with auto responder tools, including Drip, Mailchimp, Keap by Infusionsoft, GetResponse, and more. With the help of these EasyWebinar integrations, businesses can run campaigns according to the actions of the attendees.

Statistics and analytics form an integral part of the EasyWebinar experience. Businesses have access to all the numbers they need to make better decisions. They can use overall stats to see the big numbers, while specific filtered out data brings insights they need to fine-tune their sessions. EasyWebinar also gives users the option to export their data at a single click.

Users can also share their webinars on social networks to spread the word and bring additional traffic to their sessions. They have the option to embed registration form across all of their platforms to make it convenient for the attendees to find the brand and sign up. The overall ease of use, security, performance, and reliability, make EasyWebinar a great option for all types of businesses, including startups, small to medium-sized organizations, and large enterprises.

Easy Webinar features:

  • Create Live and Automated Webinars

    Users have the option to create both live and automated webinars depending on their marketing campaign goals and long term strategy.

  • Create Webinar Within Minutes

    With EasyWebinar, users can create a webinar within minutes without having to deal with complex processes and a long chain of unnecessary inputs.

  • Integration with Auto Responders & Other Software

    Businesses can integrate EasyWebinar with a variety of autoresponder tools and software, including Infusionsoft, for a unified marketing effort.

  • Insightful Data Analytics

    Key insights and data about the sessions and audiences enable businesses to identify their weaknesses and create better future webinar sessions.


Discover all the possible integrations for Easy Webinar

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