Discover all the possible integrations for EverWebinar

Discover all the possible integrations for EverWebinar

Connect EverWebinar with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your EverWebinar data.

EverWebinar is an automated webinar tool that was launched back in 2015 by Genesis Digital LLC. The purpose of this tool is to help individuals and companies to schedule and create webinars automatically.

Today, there’s a growing demand for evergreen content, that is, fresh, interesting, relevant, and time-resistant content that speaks to a large number of people.

And, with people consuming video content more than any other type of digital information on the web, webinars are becoming a must for lead generation and retention.

EverWebinar automates webinars and turns them into evergreen content that can be replayed for ages without the audience ever knowing that the particular webinar is pre-recorded.

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So, once a user captures a live webinar and uploads it to EverWebinar, they can have attendees register and watch it at a later date as if it was a live one.

Anyone can make an automated webinar with EverWebinar, as the process is quite simple. However, the tool is most helpful for B2B companies that need to create product or service demonstrations, do live pitches to increase sales, perform Q&As with clients, etc. without having to spend much time and finances.

Other users who can benefit from this tool include bloggers, software development companies, eCommerce retailers, professional services providers, team managers, and educational professionals.

Among the standout EverWebinar features are webinar configurations and scheduling, automated email and SMS reminders, live chat room, registration notices, and dozens of integrations.

With the webinar scheduling and configurations, users can pick any pre-recorded webinars and decide on which day and time to rebroadcast them automatically.

Visitors who register for the webinar can also receive email or SMS follow-ups. These EverWebinar features allow companies to remind users of the webinar airing date.

With the chatroom feature, a representative from the company can receive and answer questions from attendees live, thus, making the experience even more engaging.

Among other EverWebinar features, a company also receives automatic alerts when someone registers for and then attends the scheduled webinar, which helps to track how many people actually watched it.

Lastly, if one needs to integrate this service with a third-party tool, EverWebinar integrations are entirely seamless.

Companies don’t need to concern about how to integrate EverWebinar with every platform they use.

Thanks to EverWebinar integrations with LeadsBridge, businesses can seamlessly transfer the leads generated from a webinar to almost any email automation service or CRM.

Businesses can then nurture these leads and convert them through email marketing campaigns and tailored advertisements that LeadsBridge allows for more than 370 integrations.

EverWebinar features:

  • High Definition Video Broadcasting

    EverWebinar turns recorded webinars to high-quality videos for rebroadcasting.

  • Real-time Performance Analytics

    EverWebinar provides the registration and show-up ratio of attendees, time spent on the webinar, cost per register/attendee, late and on-time attendance, etc.

  • Offer Display Live

    EverWebinar allows the webinar broadcaster to make visual clickable offers as pop-ups live while the attendees watch the video to increase conversions.

  • Chat Simulation

    A company can use chat history from past webinars or create chats in advance and show them live during a webinar automatically to appear as if the conversations are happening in real-time.


Discover all the possible integrations for EverWebinar

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