Discover all the possible integrations for BigMarker

Discover all the possible integrations for BigMarker

Connect BigMarker with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your BigMarker data.

BigMarker is a powerful platform for video conferences, webinars, and virtual seminars that will help businesses to connect with audiences in the most effective way.

With the growing popularity of virtual communication, a platform that facilitates online conferences and webinars can be useful for SMB companies as well as for large corporations and enterprises. BigMarker integrations will be the most suitable solution that offers all the variety of features to make virtual communication not just possible but highly effective and convenient for all users.

With BigMarker integrations, a company can host an unlimited number of automated, live, recurring webinars. BigMarker features are immense, and a team will be able to fully benefit from the tool. It will be possible to utilize a web-based webinar tool that doesn’t require downloads. It will facilitate the lives of a team as well as of attendees.

At the same time, it will be possible to engage effectively with an audience by adding videos, posting surveys, polls, Q&As, offers, etc. A webinar will look perfect on any device and will work well with any operating system. Whether attendees use PC, Mac, iOS or Android app, everything will go smoothly.

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The quality of video and audio is top-notch, and viewers will be able to enjoy HD quality and hear everything well. HD screen sharing is also possible to demonstrate the desktop if needed. A host will be able to record the entire webinar or a meeting to share it on demand. Also, to enhance the experience, a team can adjust the look and add a company's logo to maintain the brand presence.

BigMarker features make it possible to create stunning branded webinar landing pages to capture leads and post content. There are 15+ pre-designed templates available, so it will take only a few clicks to come up with an eye-catching landing page.

In addition, a company will be able to send automated email reminders and emails for marketing purposes to increase engagement and make more people find out about the forthcoming virtual event.

Integrating an online instant chat is also possible to get real-time feedback and communicate with the audience right away and let attendees network effectively.

A team can access powerful analytics in one single click to get a deep insight into all activities and evaluate the performance as well as to understand the audience better with visualized reports.

BigMarker integrations with LeadsBridge will grant a company access to additional features to enhance operational practices, increase productivity, and benefit from technologies to achieve better results faster and with ease.

BigMarker features:

  • Multifunctional

    BigMarker features are very functional and enable a company to create and manage all the variety of virtual meetings to communicate with clients as well as to leverage in-team communication and share priceless knowledge.

  • Easy In Use

    The service is very easy in use; it has a simple interface that will be accessible to anyone.

  • Integrations

    BigMarker integrations with all the variety of widely used tools and services are possible to optimize the processes and get things done more effectively.


Discover all the possible integrations for BigMarker

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