Discover all the possible integrations for GoToWebinar

Discover all the possible integrations for GoToWebinar

Connect GoToWebinar with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your GoToWebinar data.

GoToWebinar is a conferencing website that allows its users to host and conduct meetings or conferences online. GoToWebinar automation allows participants to plan and execute online events and connect with their viewers all over the world. It is an online platform that offers audio and visual communication between the speaker and the attendees, along with other interactive features like chat boxes and Q&As.

Many retailers also use GoToWebinar for marketing purposes as webinars are one of the most prominent tools that are used by brands for marketing. It also offers customization features, with which users can design their registration pages or emails with logos of their company and colors of their choice. This sort of personalization helps the users in attracting more buyers, generating new leads, and improving their brand awareness.

GoToWebinar also supports automated communication by managing all the emails and reminders for its users, ensuring effective communication between the speaker and the attendees of the online event. Businesses can expand on the functionality of the service with many GoToWebinar integrations.

Participants of GoToWebinar can monitor their online event with the help of the provided analytics dashboard. The users can keep track of the number of viewers and other web analytics data, which can help plan marketing, branding, or educational awareness strategies.

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Users of the website can store and share the recorded webinars with the Centralized Webinar Hub feature, which allows the users to create their personalized webinar archive.

The participants can engage a new audience with their content by publishing their recorded webinar, that can be displayed on the front page of the This feature of the website can earn its users new listeners that are regular visitors of the GoToWebinar website.

The software is used by trainers and teachers that host lectures, workshops, and training sessions. The website's special interactive features come into play in these types of webinars. Q&As and discussions in chat boxes in real-time help in active learning and training.

The service also offers to share flexibility, which is especially helpful in online training sessions. The trainers can share videos, images, presentation slides, demos with their listeners, which improves the learning quality of the session. The trainers can customize a course relevant to their topic and include this content in their webinars, making it easy for the users to download and access the course content.

After the completion of an online training session, the trainers can appreciate their students by awarding them a course completion certificate.

Another option offered by GoToWebinar is that its users can record their webinars along with the interactive features which can be posted on the website and are as good as a live event. The participants can rewatch, store, and share this content. The users can also schedule their webinars ahead of time with the help of an autoplay feature.

Meetings are made easier for HR and IT professionals with GoToWebinar online sessions. The website users don't have to worry about emails and invitations as the automated communication feature can handle them.

With webinars, professionals can arrange meetings with a much larger audience, and downloading the software is not compulsory for the viewers. The users can keep an eye on the performance sessions and engage viewers by sending out post-session surveys.

Pre-recorded webinars can be attended by the participants at a time suitable for everyone. The adaptability of the GoToWebinar website allows the professionals to share relevant content with the viewers in the form of videos, images, audio clips, or other media.

GoToWebinar Salesforce integration and GoToWebinar Hubspot integration allows businesses to bring everything together to streamline their operations, making them more productive and financially efficient.

GoToWebinar features:

  • Automated Communication

    The service ensures there's timely and effective communication between the attendees and the presenters with automated notifications.

  • Recording Webinars

    Businesses can record their webinar sessions for future use, and they can be broadcasted on the GoToStage website.

  • Interactive Features

    GoToWebinar brings a variety of interactive features like live surveys and polls to ensure the audience remains engaged in the session.

  • Excellent for Trainers

    The service has several features that enable professional trainers to carry out their sessions effectively in an engaging manner.


Discover all the possible integrations for GoToWebinar

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