Discover all the possible integrations for BlueJeans Events
BlueJeans Events

Discover all the possible integrations for BlueJeans Events

Connect BlueJeans Events with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your BlueJeans Events data.

BlueJeans Events is a service that hosts and manages live interactive webcasts, seminars, town halls, and other events meant for big audiences. With BlueJeans Events integration, businesses get the ability to engage interactively with any type and size of the audience, going as high as 50,000 attendees. This is done through numerous engagement tools, including extensive meeting controls, polling, question and answer sessions, and immersive video.

The service is ideal for conducting employee all-hands meetings where inclusivity of every individual matters. Businesses and organizations can engage all of their employees at once, giving them an opportunity to speak what is on their minds, asks questions, raise any concerns, share information, and even make announcements through an interactive live webcast.

One of the major advantages of using BlueJeans is its universal compatibility as it eliminates technological barriers and works with all types of systems, devices, computers, applications, and browsers. BlueJeans Meetings Platform delivers a global, scalable, and secure architecture that ensures web events remain productive, allowing businesses to create value remotely.

The collaboration features of BlueJeans Events that include Q&A, screen sharing, polling, instant messaging, and recording make interactive communication easier and highly productive. This means that there is no waste of time, and users can get the job done using interactive tools available to them. Moreover, artificial intelligence and voice recognition make meeting initiation and instant transcription possible.

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Businesses can integrate BlueJeans Events with any of their messaging or productivity apps to streamline their workflow. The service integrates with major software applications like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Google Calendar, Trello, Workplace by Facebook, and more. BlueJeans also provides robust and versatile APIs that businesses can integrate into their own application suite to enjoy cloud-powered video calls.

With BlueJeans Events, brands get the ability to make full use of rich and meaningful data analytics and control live meetings through a unified dashboard. BlueJeans Command Center delivers help desk employees, IT personnel, and senior managers the smart data about the meetings they require to evaluate the return on investment, fix their network issues, manage operations and carry out informed decision making.

BlueJeans Events is also an ideal service to conduct training educates where teachers, professors, and other trainers can conduct events such as one way webcasts and interactive sessions that help them engage their students and audiences. Using multi-way idea sharing, immersive audio and video, polling, and content exchanges, the learning experiences can be made richer and more interactive.

Apart from all these features, BlueJeans Events offers exceptional customer care providing premium technical support and guidance whenever required. The services provided include enterprise solutions engineers, dedicated customer success personnel, deployment planning, event assistance, and training programs. This allows businesses to make their events perfect and deliver high-quality experiences to all the attendees.

BlueJeans Events features:

  • Integrate with Communication/Productivity Apps

    Businesses and users can integrate BlueJeans Events in a variety of software applications they use to streamline their overall workflow.

  • Conduct Engaging Corporate & Learning Events

    The service is great for creating live interactive events like town halls, web meetings, e-conferences, online lectures, webinars, and more.

  • Take Decisions based on Data Analytics

    The dashboard delivers all the figures and statistics related to the events which can be used to evaluate performance for improving decision making.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Businesses that don’t have the resources or infrastructure to create successful events can rely on BlueJeans Events’ exceptional customer care.


Discover all the possible integrations for BlueJeans Events

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