Discover all the possible integrations for Webinar Jam
Webinar Jam

Discover all the possible integrations for Webinar Jam

Connect Webinar Jam with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Webinar Jam data.

Webinar Jam is a cloud-based broadcasting service capable of holding large scale video conferences. The platform can handle up to 5000 participants and 6 presenters at a time. With nothing more than an internet-connected computer, users can take part in video streams that can broadcast in HD at 30FPS.

The platform also offers high definition audio and supports all standard operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android, with connected apps available on the respective marketplaces.

An intuitive feature of the webinar platform is the ability for users to record entire video streams from beginning to end, along with the comments for later use. The platform also enables users to schedule live streams and create notifications for registered participants if needed.

For unregistered users, the platform allows attendees to be invited into the live stream, who can then interact with the presenters through questions or comments. Attendees can also use their webcams to join the live streams and can share screenshots of their computers and mobiles during the conference.

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The platform gives presenters who are holding conferences or live streams the option to create and customize a landing page related to their content to attract and invite attendees. For scheduled webinars and conferences, the platform helps presenters to send periodic reminders to attendees via email or SMS and also provides the ability to share complete recorded streams to users via direct links.

Some commerce focused Webinar Jam features include enabling the presenters to display interactive links during the videos, which can lead to a landing page for commercial products or services or may be used to attach links and help reference material to the broadcasts.

Another interactive feature available to presenters is the ability to create polls and surveys during the stream within the app to allow attendees to interact conveniently.

Webinar Jam integration options give the users the ability to import their slides and presentations to the live stream and create handout or brochure files to send to the attendees for reference. There is a separate control center for the moderation of the live stream within the application, so large teams can efficiently handle all interactions with the attendees.

For larger companies or corporations, the platform brings the ability to create 24/7 online chat rooms to enable the handling of customer support or inquiries. Chat rooms can also be password protected for added security.

The platform also provides detailed analytics for each chat room or live stream, and users can send private or public messages to other attendees within the chat rooms.

At an overall glance, Webinar Jam is an easy to use software that does not require complicated setups. Video guides are also available on the site that teaches new users how to use Webinar Jam with detailed descriptions of each available feature.

Webinar Jam features:

  • Webinar Jam Integrations

    Webinar Jam allows users to integrate various software with their live stream to enable interaction with attendees and acquire access to advanced metrics and analytics.

  • Advanced Features

    Webinar Jam has intuitive features that integrate standard practices with advanced features in the app to allow convenient sharing of information and interaction between the presenters and attendees.

  • E-Commerce Capabilities

    Webinar Jam gives users the ability to add interactive links and displays to their live stream to direct users to specific sites aiding in e-commerce activities and product placement.

  • Larger Audience

    Webinar Jam enables a large number of users to interact and attend any particular live stream, capable of handling up to 5000 participants at one time.


Discover all the possible integrations for Webinar Jam

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