Discover all the possible integrations for GetCourse

Discover all the possible integrations for GetCourse

Connect GetCourse with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your GetCourse data.

GetCourse is an innovative platform that enables companies to organize, sell, and conduct online courses and training sessions while growing revenue and achieving great results.

Online education becomes more and more popular. Conducting online training and selling courses is already a common practice. If a company has decided to implement these practices, a platform that facilitates the organization process and enables to host an online training is needed. What is GetCourse? It’s the most suitable solution that makes it possible to launch an effective online educational event and get tangible results with ease.

A company can easily integrate GetCourse and create an unlimited number of educational courses, webinars, training sessions for an unlimited number of students with ease. The system enables to customize the educational process and make it more convenient for students. A team will be able to define what tasks are integral, and a student won’t be able to proceed with the educational material until the task needed is done.

What is GetCourse for a business? It’s a great way to manage all courses and open or close the access after the payment and course completion. It will be possible to create a schedule of classes or send recorded lessons automatically in a set period of time. A company can also come up with a special offer to increase engagement. The system makes it possible to manage clients, accept payments, and record communication with managers and clients.

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GetCourse integration enables a business to manage all client’s data such as courses attended, revenue generated, communication history in one single place. It’s also possible to segment users based on set criteria. A company can integrate GetCourse to easily accept payments as the system covers the main payment methods. Analyzing sales is also possible to measure results, see the revenue, and optimize all processes.

GetCourse integration allows a team to promote courses and webinars effectively. The system makes it possible to launch converting email campaigns easily by choosing the desired audience, scheduling the email, and waiting for great results. A team will be able to set the customized email sequence for each audience that will contribute to higher conversions.

With GetCourse, a company can create a landing page with pre-designed blocks to mix and match them and place all core information about the course. The website will be mobile responsive, so it will look good on any device.

A team can easily integrate GetCourse with LeadsBridge to use diverse tools and features that can help become more productive and make all processes more effective for faster results.

GetCourse features:

  • Powerful Analytics

    GetCourse integration offers powerful analytics that makes it possible for a team to evaluate the performance and optimize practices for better results.

  • Marketing Tools

    The platform offers all the variety of marketing tools that enable a company to promote an upcoming event effectively and drive more attendees.

  • Effective Payments

    GetCourse integration makes online payments very simple as the system allows accepting payments from major online systems as well as from debit and credit cards.


Discover all the possible integrations for GetCourse

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