Discover all the possible integrations for Firepoint

Discover all the possible integrations for Firepoint

Connect Firepoint with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Firepoint data.

What is Firepoint? It is a cloud-based business management software specially designed for real estate businesses. With Firepoint integration, real estate agents can manage their current and prospective customers, coordinate and track team activities, and create custom reports. Firepoint helps small and medium-sized real estate companies thrive. It has a user-friendly interface on both mobile and desktop.

Firepoint features include a lead engagement platform that offers several innovative marketing tools. With Firepoint, real estate agencies can get more recognition with mobile optimized and SEO friendly IDX websites and PPC, while capturing leads from other sources as well. The IDX websites are customizable, and users can personalize with a custom team, blogs, and testimonial pages. Firepoint also has tools like property value estimator and seller’s suite.

With Firepoint, users can automate their workflows by setting up highly effective drip campaigns and creating custom emails. Users can structure a robust lead distribution to increase sales and onboard new customers.

Firepoint CRM helps users organize and manage their leads. The software has a built-in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) feature, which allows agents and brokerages to search leads in their proximity or selected areas. The software also has saved searches feature on polygon map searching, which comes in handy.

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Firepoint software is an all-in-one management solution. It allows users to run all their sales processes through a single unified platform. It comes with a built-in dialer for recorded calls and allows users to send video texts and emails, keeping all communication centralized. The software also supports mass emailing.

Pre-made customizable text and email templates are also available to help users save time on client communication. Firepoint brings auto-responders, which automatically reply to the client’s emails and text messages within seconds and reduce overall response time.

The Firepoint CRM is team-focused as it offers features like real-time updates of all team activity, including emails, recorded calls, and tasks. Individual dashboards for team members provide transparency into the progress of the sales of every agent on the team, budgeting, and lead conversion. Managers can use the CRM to add new members to the system and manage the lead-generation budget.

With Firepoint, users can run effective targeted campaigns, created by Google Premier Partner experts. Businesses can explore and capture new leads with Firepoint’s third party lead source integrations like Realtor and Zillow, while social media integrations include Facebook and Twitter.

With this tool, users can keep an eye on their company’s ROI while reporting and analytics tools help users obtain data like entry dates and conversion time. The analytics dashboard and smart reporting provide useful insights and help businesses add more lead conversions to their pipeline and improve sales performance.

Firepoint allows agents to easily view their current and active leads.

Users can track their lead’s recent activity, arrange their leads according to custom tags and status, and create personalized search results for particular leads.

It also has its innovative mobile app, so the users can perform all their business activities on the go. The mobile app allows users to carry every bit of data about their current and potential customers in their pockets.

Firepoint features:

  • Manage Customers & Leads

    Using Firepoint means real estate businesses and agents can manage their existing clients as well as future prospects through a single unified platform.

  • Create SEO Friendly Websites

    Firepoint enables real estate agents to create SEO friendly and mobile optimized responsive IDX websites that are exceptional for converting leads into clients.

  • Built-in Search Engine Marketing

    The tool offers a built-in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) feature, which enables agents and brokerages to find leads in their locality or selected regions.

  • Customizable Text & Email Templates

    Real estate agents and businesses can tweak their messages and create exceptional designs through text and email templates that are highly customizable.


Discover all the possible integrations for Firepoint

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