Discover all the possible integrations for TopProducer

Discover all the possible integrations for TopProducer

Connect TopProducer with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your TopProducer data.

Top Producer is web-based software and CRM especially designed for real estate agents and teams. With Top Producer integration, agents can create their CRM with a website, track and capture new leads, create personalized landing pages, and train their team and staff members. It is an all-in-one client management solution and a complete follow-up system that helps real estate agents and brokerages in the management of leads and clients and long term repeat and referrals.

Top Producer services include FiveStreet lead response and real estate lead management that covers all essential grounds that help agencies reduce their overall lead response time and assist them in devising an effective management plan.

The FiveStreet feature allows agents to manage all their leads on a single page as it easily integrates with any email-based lead source. Agents can also integrate Top Producer with their Gmail account, or they can direct any email-based lead source to their personal FiveStreet email address.

To ensure steady communication between agents and their clients, the text and email auto-responders come in handy, they automatically respond to the queries of clients and allow agents to send information about their business via customizable texts and emails. Agents can also choose from pre-made templates of texts and emails to save time.

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Another important feature of Top Producer is Market Snapshot, which provides real-time MLS market analysis and an overview of the latest trends. Market Snapshot agents can send online reports regarding hyper-local data from MLS to their current and potential customers via email. Top Producer also allows email marketing that helps in capturing new leads.

Market Snapshot helps agents in creating effective drip campaigns. It uses relevant MLS data, consumer behavior, and programs like SendGrid (digital marketing and delivery experts) to ensure the above-average email opens and click-throughs.

Agents can also create customizable landing pages for their website and social media that can be personalized with the use of high definition images. Agents can also capture new leads by creating open house sign-in application forms.

The Market Snapshot also provides a detailed weekly report of repeat and referral business to keep agents updated.

Top Producer offers agents and brokerages with the latest CRM software. The CRM provides tools that make the process of building a clientele quite straightforward. Agents can easily import and export contact lists, automatically add new leads by integrating online lead sources with the FiveStreet software, capture their own leads by connecting the Top Producer’s website landing page with the Market Snapshot landing page and automatically import leads from Facebook ads, Google form, etc. by connecting with Zapier.

With Top Producer, agents can create their own professional realtor website with a few clicks at an affordable price. Agents can customize their website with high definition images and colors of their choice. Intuitive forms and easy-to-create landing pages can also be added to the website to capture new leads at open houses. New leads can be automatically transferred to the agent’s CRM.

TopProducer features:

  • Effective Lead Management

    Using Top Producer lead response, real estate agents can see and manage all their leads from a single central location for improved efficiency and productivity.

  • Automated Responses

    Real estate agents and businesses can utilize the convenience of automated email and text responses to keep their leads engaged until an agent catches up with them.

  • Real-Time Market Analysis

    With hyper-local data available to real estate businesses and agents, they can make informed decisions to drive business growth by addressing their customer needs effectively.

  • Create Landing Pages

    Businesses and agents also have the option to create customizable landing pages featuring high definition images and a high conversion rate.


Discover all the possible integrations for TopProducer

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