Discover all the possible integrations for FollowUpBoss

Discover all the possible integrations for FollowUpBoss

Connect FollowUpBoss with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your FollowUpBoss data.

Follow Up Boss is a lead management and follow up service specially designed for real estate businesses and agents. With Follow Up Boss integration, companies and agents can pull their leads from more than 200 digital sources enabling them to streamline their sales funnel and close more deals delivering improved performance tracking and business growth.

Making the most of Follow Up Boss automation, businesses can directly put their inbound calls and leads coming from different sources into their action plans. Automated responses in the form of texts and emails are sent to the leads to keep them engaged and ready for a real estate agent to take over.

The tasks feature within the tool allows real estate agents to view all of their daily tasks, one by one, without having to do any guesswork. This feature also provides one central location where agents can deliver responses to their leads and customers through a variety of channels, including emails, calls, voicemails, and texts.

With smart lists, real estate agents have the option to view their top, pending and active clients. This helps them to identify the ones that need to be contacted to nurture the leads and bring them closer to the final deal. The mobile app allows agents and businesses to send SMS messages, respond to push notifications, distribute leads, and make contact notes from anywhere anytime.

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Many real estate agents might have a question as to how to integrate Follow Up Boss. The service can be integrated with a wide variety of digital resources, including Facebook, Zillow, Office 365, Zapier, G Suite, and more. Apart from that, real estate agents and businesses can import and distribute leads automatically from over 200 different sources, including Realtor, Ylopo, Real Geeks, BombBomb, BoomTown, Home Light, and more.

The dashboard also contains a section of data and analytics where users can get comprehensive reporting for the overall and individual performances. The deep insight can be used for reviewing real estate agents, making informed decisions, and coming up with better marketing campaigns to bring improved efficiency to the lead nurturing process.

Moreover, there are multiple features offered by the service that can help real estate businesses in streamlining their operations. They have the option to replace their business phone system with the CRM, so everything gets done through a single platform, while dedicated onboarding helps them bring new agents without any hassle.

The interface of the service is intuitive and straightforward, and everything can sync with Google Calendar. The mobile app is available for both popular operating systems - iOS and Android. Follow Up Boss also offers exceptional customer service that's available throughout the week.

FollowUpBoss features:

  • Automated Lead Management

    All the leads and inbound calls coming from the business website and other sources are automatically added to the action plan.

  • Get Leads Through 200+ Sources

    Follow Up Boss allows real estate agents to import and distribute leads from more than 200 sources, including Realtor, Zapier, and BoomTown.

  • Integration with G Suite & Other Tools

    Businesses can integrate Follow Up Boss with a multitude of digital tools and services to bring everything on a single platform for efficiency.

  • Review Performance with Analytics

    Comprehensive reporting with insightful data allows real estate businesses and agents to evaluate performance and make informed decisions.


Discover all the possible integrations for FollowUpBoss

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