Discover all the possible integrations for LionDesk

Discover all the possible integrations for LionDesk

Connect LionDesk with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your LionDesk data.

LionDesk is a transaction, lead, and CRM management platform for real estate agents, teams, brokers, and lenders, with mobile apps for Android and iOS. Intending to help real estate professionals to organize and optimize their operations, LionDesk offers features including transaction management, activity planning, drip marketing campaigns, email tracking, distribution and contact tracking, contact management, click to call, and much more.

How to use LionDesk? LionDesk CRM features allow users to manage customers by assigning each new client to a specific team member and prioritizing them to determine who to contact next. Users can also track emails, phone calls, and other interactions, mark them, and filter them for a more significant organization. To ensure that each request is handled by the person concerned, LionDesk allows users to assign leads to team members based on performance, specialty, or zip code. With LionDesk, users can also track offers and pipelines, property closings, deadlines, and more with the integrated calendar and automatic notifications.

LionDesk also helps real estate marketing by allowing users to create improved drip campaigns through emails, SMS, and phone calls that provide short contact codes for promotional flyers and signs. The results of the campaign can be monitored within LionDesk, with the possibility of viewing the opening and click-through rates for each email and providing an overview of which potential customers are most interested in the product or agreement.

LionDesk tutorial helps users by organizing leads, prospects, and customers and offering them the opportunity to close more business or sales. It also provides marketing and transaction management tools. LionDesk helps real estate professionals by simplifying the follow-up process so they can spend more time communicating with their clients.

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LionDesk has many features that are not present in other customer relationship management platforms. These features are called video emails and text messages. Through these features, users will be able to send video emails and text messages to a specific contact. Video emails and video texts can also be included in templates created for drip campaigns, and users can send them as mass emails and mass texts to a contact list.

Video email and video text creation can be done in automatic because LionDesk provides a built-in video recorder. Users can access it from the Communications section of the platform. When they click on the video button, they bring them to the current view of their webcam and can start recording.

Besides, LionDesk helps users quickly search for previous videos they have created. Users can filter the search results by selecting the type of video, which can be text or email. Video emails and video texts can also be tagged so that users can easily search for them. Video emails and video texts can be used to personalize the sending of proprietary information to customers. They are also useful in promoting a list or making suggestions to potential buyers.

LionDesk allows users to import their leads from third party lead sources automatically, and this will help them respond automatically to their customers. Moreover, users can import their leads from Zillow, Trulia,, or IDX websites. Then, LionDesk will direct their leads from these lead sources and integrate them into the drip campaigns they have set up within the system.

Another LionDesk feature is its property management functionality. This feature shows the ability to manage software activities because users can set up their activity lists to maintain a record, sales, open house, or other. This feature also automates their operations and ensures that all plans related to a property are executed on time.

LionDesk features:

  • CRM

    Organize your contacts and automate communication with the customer. Remember important activities and make multi-channel campaigns

  • Transaction management

    Simplify the transaction process by improving the communication flow

  • Visual Market Insights

    Search for MLS Lists from within LionDesk Easily Share Lists with Contacts Available with Selected MLS Partners

  • Third-party import

    LionDesk allows users to import their leads from third party lead sources automatically, and this will help them respond automatically to their customers.


Discover all the possible integrations for LionDesk

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