Discover all the possible integrations for Real Geeks
Real Geeks

Discover all the possible integrations for Real Geeks

Connect Real Geeks with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Real Geeks data.

Real Geeks is a multifunctional platform that enables a team to generate and nurture leads, manage customers, and conduct highly converting marketing activities for business growth and development.

An effective CRM system for lead generation and nurturing as well as a powerful marketing tool to launch effective campaigns is needed for any company that strives for driving more sales. Real Geeks integration will be a perfect solution for companies in the field of real estate that will help take their workflow to the next level and achieve maximum efficiency.

Real Geeks integration enables a team to get an optimized website that is easy to navigate, and it’s designed specifically to get the highest conversion rate in the real estate industry. The website will be completely mobile-optimized, so users can visit a website from any device they prefer, whether it’s a tablet, smartphone, or a regular desktop. All pages load pretty fast, so chances to lose a lead will be minimal. A/B testing is also possible to see what works better for the audience.

Real Geeks integration also makes it possible to create SEO-optimized landing pages that will bring more people to a website. All pages are fully editable and customizable, so a team can come up with the most personalized branded pages that will draw attention. A company can add web forms to get visitors’ contact information and use it for future marketing campaigns. Creating separate landing pages for each agent will be possible as well to drive traffic exactly to their profiles and enable them to work with their own clients.

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In addition, this service can be a convenient CRM system that automatically captures leads on third-party resources and send it right to a CRM to let a team track, nurture leads, and close more deals with ease. Agents can track all leads activities for the most personalized engagement approach that will ensure more sales. The system allows agents to schedule appointments with clients and set reminders not to miss any valuable opportunity.

Moreover, the platform allows launching effective Facebook marketing campaigns. Agents can create a powerful, eye-catching advertisement in just a few minutes. All key results, metrics like CPC, likes, shares can also be evaluated to optimize future campaigns. All tracking pixels will be added automatically to a website to save the team’s time and effort and allow them to focus on connecting with clients.

Real Geeks integration with LeadsBridge will grant access to a set of advanced features that will only enhance the team’s experience with the service and will enable them to achieve tangible results much faster and effectively.

Real Geeks features:

  • Integrations

    Real Geeks integration Facebook is possible as well as Real Geeks integration with Zillow and all the variety of popular tools and apps to increase the team’s effectiveness.

  • Automation

    Many routine tasks can be easily automated to save resources and let teams focus on more important business tasks.

  • Powerful Reporting

    A company will get a deep insight into all activities to measure the performance and improve processes for better results.


Discover all the possible integrations for Real Geeks

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