Discover all the possible integrations for FiveStreet

Discover all the possible integrations for FiveStreet

Connect FiveStreet with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your FiveStreet data.

What is FiveStreet? FiveStreet is a real estate company that helps real estate agents, teams and brokers manage leads purchased or generated by other suppliers. Over one hundred different lead suppliers channel leads into FiveStreet, where they can be managed and assigned. FiveStreet can work with any online lead provider that sends leads via email. The software works by analyzing emails for lead information and then uploading the lead information into the FiveStreet software.

FiveStreet offers a high conversion real estate software that allows auto-reply via email and text that can send emails and text messages to new leads within five minutes. Most real estate CRMs have automatic reply functionality for email, but not for text messages, so this is a distinctive feature of FiveStreet. Once leads are assigned, they can be tracked in the FiveStreet dashboard. Here is possible to see which lead provider is sending the most leads and what the status of those leads is. It's possible to integrate FiveStreet with other popular tools such as MailChimp, which have drip campaign functionality via email.

Online leads are a growing source of activity in the $ 4 trillion residential real estate market. Agents know they should respond to new leads within 5 minutes, but they struggle to do so. FiveStret automates the follow-up process by consolidating leads from any source and then returning, researching, and routing them. They provide business intelligence and integrate with the most popular CRMs for ongoing marketing campaigns. The FiveStreet solution works entirely through email and text messages and requires minimal configuration and training. FiveStreet works with any provider who sends leads via email, and the system automatically collects leads, attaches financial and property information, and enters them in CRM, all without any data entry from the users.

FiveStreet features:

  • Management

    Explore an interactive chart showing leads received and sent. Review lead history on one page. Export data as a CSV file.

  • Build an income-generating machine

    Use FiveStreet to leverage the online reputation and marketing budget in a passive revenue stream.

  • Consolidate Contacts

    Manage your contacts in one place. FiveStreet works with any online lead provider that sends leads via email.


Discover all the possible integrations for FiveStreet

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