Discover all the possible integrations for ZenCart

Discover all the possible integrations for ZenCart

Connect ZenCart with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your ZenCart data.

Zencart is an innovative, user-friendly open source shopping cart software that will be suitable for eCommerce businesses to drive more sales and grow revenue.

ECommerce businesses are becoming more and more popular, and in order to effectively start a business, it’s important to create an effective, well-designed website that will allow customers to easily purchase. A lot of companies are wondering how to integrate Zencart. It’s never been easier, and this is the best solution for all SMB companies as well as for large corporations in the field of eCommerce that want to optimize the workflow for better results.

A team can integrate Zencart and fully customize a shopping cart. A company can easily customize it according to their needs. It will be possible to integrate any payment solution, so that clients can purchase from a website in the most convenient way. Zencart integration enables a company to easily create a convenient shopping cart. There will be an option to save items in the abandoned cart, so visitors can continue purchasing the next time they visit a website.

Zencart integration enables a business to work with any hosting company and create the most personalized custom domain. Moreover, it will be possible to mix and match various web hosting companies as well as domain registrars to come up with the most fitting solution.

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With Zencart integration, a company can easily manage refunds, handle taxes, and manage shipping to stay on top of all business activities. The system offers a convenient tax and shipping cost calculator, so buyers can easily understand the total price. The platform allows a company to receive customer reviews and easily share it with other visitors. A business will be able to create customized discounts and coupons to increase visitors’ engagement and motivate them to buy from a website. Prices will be adjusted automatically to facilitate the sales process.

The platform will be perfect for international businesses as it supports multiple currencies to provide a seamless customer experience. In addition, a team can choose a preferred language or translate content to various languages to localize the website, conquer the international market with ease, and ensure a great experience.

The platform offers an amazing SEO tool. A team will be able to adjust meta tags to facilitate online visibility and improve search engine ranking. Images will also be optimized to look perfect on any device. The simple WYSIWYG editor is available to adjust non-database pages.

A team can integrate Zencart with LeadsBridge to benefit from all the variety of features that will increase productivity and help achieve better results with ease.

ZenCart features:

  • Fully Customizable

    A company can integrate Zencart as it’s open-source software, and it’s possible to modify the source code according to business needs.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Zencart integration offers the most popular payment gateways built-in, and it’s possible to start receiving payments right away.

  • Personalized Domain Name

    A company can come up with its domain name to create the most personalized branded image and configure the domain name with any hosting company.