Discover all the possible integrations for VirtueMart

Discover all the possible integrations for VirtueMart

Connect VirtueMart with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your VirtueMart data.

VirtueMart is a free and comprehensive open source e-commerce solution for Joomla. It is easy-to-use for beginners and experts, coming with thousands of in-built features to create an e-commerce store in no time. With VirtueMart integration, an e-commerce store can be run in a catalog mode or as a shopping cart.

Installing Joomla is a prerequisite to configure VirtueMart as it provides the core system and the framework for easy usage of the shopping cart and e-commerce solutions. It comes with several different plugins, including components, modules, features, and much more for the online store. Users can change the display of the website using various free templates from Joomla.

Being free of cost means that users can enjoy the portal without any limitations. VirtueMart permits users to create and maintain their e-commerce site with an unlimited number of products, categories, orders, customers, and much more. However, individuals are not allowed to sell software tools that include components of VirtueMart code. This free software tool is a feature-rich e-commerce solution with more than 500 plugins included. That’s why integration with VirtueMart can be quite impactful.

All business owners have different ideas with unique selling points, which is why they may need specific features for their stores. With VirtueMart, the process of extending the functionalities to choose a particular feature is easy by using customized modules, components, forums, guest books, galleries, templates, FAQs, and much more for the online store.

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VirtueMart assists all merchants, customers, developers, and web agencies in building a professional and functional shopping cart. Merchants can structure their shops with nested categories multiple hardware, manage their shoppers by categorizing them in groups, control their inventory using stock warning feature, create complex products with ease through dropdowns and plugins, add a unified calculator, do shipments and payments comfortably and enjoy a search engine friendly shopping cart experience.

Additionally, VirtueMart enables businesses to greet their customers in their native language, organize shops with nested categories, get high-quality pictures and product descriptions, see reviews from different customers, customize the shopping experience, choose the range of price currency, manage multiple orders, checkout as a guest or through a personal account, and get coupon codes and discount offers from the store.

For developers, VirtueMart can push the project forward, provide bug reports, help in code snippets, add new functionalities and features, extend the shopper fields, product details, calculation rules, and sell the products or extensions without having a personal shopper. On the other hand, VirtueMart has a huge international community for web agencies providing lots of information, documents, tips, tricks, and tutorials to them.

VirtueMart provides resource hosting, brings growth to partners in different ways, and permits debugging a live store. Web agencies can get all these features from this tool along with a friendly and powerful search engine marketing, including meta-tags, product, category, media, and manufacturer. Users looking to build affordable yet professional and organized shopping portals for their customers to choose VirtueMart.

VirtueMart features:

  • Free Open Source E-Commerce Solution

    VirtueMart is a free open source e-commerce solution for Joomla based stores. It is easy-to-use and does not restrict beginners or experts from customization.

  • Joomla MVC Framework

    The tool is based on the Joomla MVC framework with different advantages, including template overriding, implementation of Joomla plugins, and integration of other Joomla extensions.

  • Extensive Various Features

    VirtueMart has an extensive list of features, letting shop owners build a professional and structured shopping cart with ease.

  • A Well-Rounded Solution

    This software tool is a complete and reliable solution for customers, merchants, junior and senior developers, and web agencies.