Discover all the possible integrations for Easy Digital Downloads
Easy Digital Downloads

Discover all the possible integrations for Easy Digital Downloads

Connect Easy Digital Downloads with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Easy Digital Downloads data.

Easy Digital Downloads is an innovative platform that allows companies to sell digital products with WordPress.

Selling digital products can be a great way to monetize a website or create a business, as online purchases are the easiest way to buy. What is Easy Digital Downloads? It’s a great way to get all features needed to start selling right away, and it will be a great solution for small to medium businesses.

Easy Digital Downloads integration allows a team to create a modern-looking shopping cart with minimum page loads, so visitors can easily buy from a website. It will be possible to customize the action button content to make it more engaging. In addition, there is a convenient feature of saving the customer's cart to continue purchasing later with no need to search for relevant products again. Before completing any purchase, a visitor will receive an agreement of terms to make the experience seamless.

What is Easy Digital Downloads for a business? It’s a perfect way to manage customers, maintain separate records, create a customer account page, and get familiar with all purchase history in a second. All records can be easily edited, viewed, and even deleted. A team will be able to track clients’ activities and lifetime value.

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With Easy Digital Downloads integration, a team can increase engagement and drive more sales with discount code creator. It allows users to choose the percentage, specify products that can be bought with a discount, as well as set up an automated start and end date. In addition, there is an option to require minimum cart total in order to apply a discount to encourage customers to buy more and even limit discount usage.

Easy Digital Downloads integration enables companies to restrict file downloads by time or allow users to get a limitless number of files and all digital products. All products will be available for authorized customers only. The platform supports the most widely used payment gateways to provide the best experience and let visitors pay for products in the most appropriate way. A business can get all transaction history and all the payments, send receipts, and so on.

To measure the performance, a team will be able to receive data reports, view all sales by date or category, filter reports by a certain product, as well as track taxes. It’s possible to export all reports to a CSV file, share it with team members, and check it out at any time.

Easy Digital Downloads integration with LeadsBridge gives a chance to benefit from all the variety of additional features that makes all processes more effective to get great results.

Easy Digital Downloads features:

  • Diversity of Themes

    The service gives access to diverse pre-designed themes to create a stunning and eye-catching website in a few clicks.

  • Advanced Reporting

    A team will be able to get detailed book-keeping reports and detailed analytics and statistics to evaluate performance and optimize activities.

  • Great Functionality

    The platform makes it possible to create discount codes for better engagement and enables visitors to purchase multiple products at once with minimum page loads.