Discover all the possible integrations for osCommerce

Discover all the possible integrations for osCommerce

Connect osCommerce with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your osCommerce data.

osCommerce is a progressive service that offers businesses a set of tools to create a well-performing online store and sell products worldwide with ease.

More and more eCommerce businesses appear today, and integrating an effective app marketplace, payment solution, order management tool is essential to create a great online store website. In this case, osCommerce features will be a perfect choice for small to medium businesses that want to come up with an effective online selling platform.

With osCommerce integration, any business will get full control over online store processes and data. A team will be able to use an online store solution that enables a company to use frontend a shop and administration backend to customize and configure according to their business needs. osCommerce features also include simple order management. With this platform, a team can easily add an unlimited amount of products and categories to a website, product attributes, sell items, track order status, and so on. With osCommerce, it’s pretty easy to add, edit, and remove products, categories, pictures, and descriptions.

The platform is very easy to use, and it has a very intuitive and straightforward interface. osCommerce integration enables a company to create a website, get a unique domain name, take care of hosting, and open a merchant account. It’s worth mentioning that a platform offers a well-designed website template. It’s pretty basic, but it includes everything a company needs to start selling products.

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The system supports all the most widely used payment options that will suit customer needs. With diverse integrations and add-ons, a team can include reporting, payment, and shipping modules that will significantly facilitate the workflow. In addition, handling taxes will be much easier with this service. osCommerce supports various languages and currencies, so it will be perfect for international businesses. Moreover, it automatically updates the currency exchange rate to make a great customer experience.

If a company opts for osCommerce integration, they will be able to receive, manage, and post customer reviews. There is also an advanced set of tools that include banner and cash control, security checks, database backups, etc. A company can use reports to get all data related to customers and sold products. The service enables a team to contact all their customers via email to draw attention to certain products and build effective communication with them.

In case a team needs some help with the platform, they will be able to get the assistance of a helpful community and get qualified technical support. osCommerce integration with LeadsBridge will give companies access to a wide range of new tools and features that will help achieve better results faster and with ease.

osCommerce features:

  • Versatility

    osCommerce is a universal solution that makes it possible to manage customers, orders, handle taxes, get advanced performance reports, and so much more.

  • Integrations

    Keep in mind that osCommerce eBay integration, osCommerce Amazon integration, as well as integrations with other popular services, are possible.

  • Full Customization

    With osCommerce features, a company can easily manipulate a website and modify it according to any business needs.