Discover all the possible integrations for PrestaShop

Discover all the possible integrations for PrestaShop

Connect PrestaShop with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your PrestaShop data.

PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce platform that provides e-commerce store solutions. Companies use it to launch their online stores and sell merchandise and products of all kinds. Companies can create virtual stores from scratch in a matter of minutes, thanks to pre-built templates and modules.

PrestaShop offers its users a variety of reliable tools for launching their online business. Ranging from analytical plugins to plugins that create forms, PrestaShop provides all. It comes bundled inside an intuitive installation wizard, which makes setup quick and convenient.

Through PrestaShop CRM integration, users can pull data from their CRM and display it on its dashboard. This improves how companies interact and do business with their customers. With the ability to track sales, orders, and leads, PrestaShop aims to maximize productivity.

Using the PrestaShop control panel, users can organize promotions, keep track of their stocks, and manage inventory using information about customer interactions. Insights are displayed right on the dashboard.

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The capabilities of PrestaShop are not limited to only one store. Users can create multiple stores and manage their inventories using excellent statistical insights and reports. The PrestaShop features are easy to learn, and through third-party integration with PrestaShop, businesses can make it even more feature-rich.

Users can integrate PrestaShop with Google Analytics and other services to get the best of Google on-board. This makes PrestaShop adaptive and market competitive.

PrestaShop integrations don’t end there. With the press of a button, users can integrate payment processing plugins and incorporate a wide range of payment gateways into their e-commerce sites. This maximizes convenience for their customers.

Ever since the advent of e-commerce, payment processing has been a common security issue. This can’t be overlooked as sensitive financial information of the customers is at stake. PrestaShop has integrated top-grade security and payment processing in its underlying infrastructure to make sure malicious entities can compromise financial details, including banking credentials.

PrestaShop-made e-commerce websites are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Thanks to this feature, users can enjoy the facilitation of SSL certification.

PrestaShop’s open-source nature makes it highly customizable. Users can develop their plugins and market them to others. With the ability to choose from more than 1600 themes, PrestaShop is termed as one of the most versatile e-commerce platforms.

PrestaShop offers state-of-the-art marketing features like email marketing, promotional marketing, coupon code generation, and free-shipping capabilities. Users can sell physical merchandise and also market downloadable content.

E-commerce sites made with PrestaShop are SEO-friendly. With tips about improving SEO ranking present at every point, PrestaShop makes certain user content rank high in search results.

Through PrestaShop integration with LeadsBridge, companies can generate more leads and traffic for their e-commerce site. LeadsBridge offers an even more comprehensive range of integrations that make up for stellar user experience.

PrestaShop features:

  • Ease of Use

    PrestaShop has a user-friendly interface. Menus are consistent across the board and setting up a PrestaShop e-commerce site requires zero web programming knowledge.

  • Open Source

    PrestaShop is open-source which means users and developers get an extremely secure, scalable, and sustainable solution for all their e-commerce websites.

  • High Customizability

    Users can customize their storefronts using numerous themes and plugins. PrestaShop enables users to create exclusively designed storefronts. With the ability to change elements through coding, PrestaShop brings versatility and flexibility that businesses require.

  • Wide Range of Plugins

    Plugins maximize productivity by cutting down the time required for their development. PrestaShop has a wide variety of plugins and accessories ready to install for all users. These plugins boost productivity and save a significant amount of time.


Discover all the possible integrations for PrestaShop

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