Integrations available for Looker

Integrations available for Looker

Connect Looker with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Looker data.

Looker is a data discovery app that offers innovative data exploration features for both large and small businesses. With Looker, companies can access a web interface where they can quickly obtain real-time information on their operations through data analysis.

Looker is reinventing Business Intelligence for the company and works like the web, based on the browser. Its unique modeling language allows any employee to take advantage of the work of the best data analysts. Operating 100% in the database, Looker uses the latest and fastest analytical databases to get real results in real-time.

Using Looker, companies can create reports on the go and make them accessible to all interested parties, so that other team members can contribute to discussions on specific tasks and stay informed when it comes to any development in their project. Therefore, Looker can help all companies use the data to guide their decisions and activities in the right direction.

To use Looker, you do not need high programming skills, just a little knowledge of SQL, useful for building excellent analytical modules. Looker's ML code serves as a support for producing and optimizing queries, useful for most Business Intelligence systems.

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Looker analyzes both web-hosted and SQL-hosted information and hosts over 25 data variations, including Google's Hive, Vertica and BigQuery.

Looker features:

  • Ease to use

    Looker is extremely easy to use. In fact, excellent SQL knowledge is not required to manage workflows, and this is because most of the operations are reduced to a single intuitive code.

  • Collaboration features

    Looker allows and simplifies collaboration between users. The app is accessible on any browser and on a mobile device, which means that employees are notified and contribute even when they are not in the office.

  • Reliable Support

    In addition to the system's rich self-service database, Looker ensures that users always have access to a reliable technical support team.

Integrations available for Looker

Want to get the most out of Looker. Here's the always-updated list of the best integrations available for Looker and LeadsBridge

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