Discover all the possible integrations for Workplace by Facebook
Workplace by Facebook

Discover all the possible integrations for Workplace by Facebook

Connect Workplace by Facebook with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Workplace by Facebook data.

What is Workplace by Facebook? It is a professional communication and collaboration tool designed to streamline business operations through seamless groups, instant messaging, and video calls. It helps people in working remotely by improving the quality of engagement through innovative features, tools, and premium audio and video.

The Workplace by Facebook offers a news feed that's just like the standard Facebook timeline, which brings all the work and professional stuff together. Users can see updates from their peers and follow the projects they're involved in simply by scrolling through a curated stream of posts.

The tool brings special collaboration spaces for teams and collective projects. In these spaces, people can share files, feedback, updates, and more. These spaces are quite similar to an email thread but with enhanced organization and flow. Through the Workplace by Facebook integration, organizations can come together as a collective unit to achieve their shared goal.

The live video option enables users to broadcast messages, announcements, training sessions, or meetups across different departments of the organization. People can see who is engaged and who isn't by receiving feedback in real-time. This allows businesses to be more prompt and agile, saving time, and other resources.

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It's not just a messaging platform but a complete solution for professional collaboration. There is an instant messaging feature that helps users start chats in groups or one-to-one basis. Apart from the textual conversation, users also have the ability to share voice messages, pictures, and video clips.

The tool offers a seamless video conferencing solution which can host up to 50 people without any hassle. Users can make high definition video calls with a simple tap of a button and connect with the people they want. Screen sharing helps users to collaborate in a better and more engaging manner.

Workplace by Facebook has a built-in organization chart that helps users find the people they are looking for with ease. They can quickly search for peers, team members, and related information to identify the person they want to reach. This efficient solution saves time and ensures improved productivity.

Being a Facebook tool, Workplace makes use of the translation engine to ensure nobody has to play catch up. With support for 46 languages, users can translate updates and textual content into their desired language at a click of a button. This helps businesses in ensuring seamless global collaboration.

Like other professional communication tools, Workplace also brings a range of valuable integrations. It can be connected with more than 50 enterprise solutions, including Office 365, Jira, G Suite, Dropbox, Zoom, Google Drive, and more. Workplace by Facebook ADP integration allows businesses to streamline their workflow and ensure operational efficiency.

Workplace by Facebook features:

  • Dedicated Collaboration Spaces

    Teams and project groups can collaborate using dedicated spaces to streamline their work for improved efficiency and milestone achievement.

  • HD Video Conferencing

    With support for 50 people screen sharing, video conferencing brings immersion and engagement to pursue the shared goal with collective effort.

  • Organization Chart

    The Workplace by Facebook offers an organization chart laying out the complete hierarchy of the business, which enables users to find the right people.

  • Integrations with Enterprise Tools

    The Workplace by Facebook can connect with more than 50 enterprise software and tools, including Office 365, G Suite, ADP, Netskope, Dropbox, and more.


Discover all the possible integrations for Workplace by Facebook

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