Discover all the possible integrations for FrontApp

Discover all the possible integrations for FrontApp

Connect FrontApp with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your FrontApp data.

FrontApp is a powerful email management software that will help companies optimize the workflow, easily launch email campaigns, expand their reach, and get better conversions.

Effective email marketing activities can benefit a company and make a significant contribution to business growth and development. FrontApp integrations are a great choice for small to medium companies as well as for startups that want to improve their email marketing efforts and benefit from the advanced features and technological advancements.

A company can fully benefit from various FrontApp features to organize effective communication with teams and customers. FrontApp integrations enable to handle of shared and individual inboxes as well as other messaging channels in one single place. A team’s discussion will be saved in one thread so everyone can take a quick glance at previous messages.

It’s possible to assign the owner to a certain email or message to clearly see who’s working on a particular case. FrontApp features will never allow to text multiple messages to the same customers as teammates will see if another manager is typing.

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FrontApp integrations enable teams to optimize the workflow and automate some routine email tasks. Messages can be handled automatically, and a team member can save the most common responses to save time and effort. Easily create a customized workflow, set certain rules for automation.

FrontApp features also include personalized tags that will enable a team to label customers based on their issues, region, or other criteria to facilitate the working process and stay more productive and organized.

Customers can use various channels to communicate with a company. These include social media, websites, live chats, emails, and so on. FrontApp allows a team to eliminate jumping from one platform to another and handle communications with this one software.

Use a quick @mention feature to get the assistance of a colleague and get the additional information to provide the assistance needed fast and leave customers satisfied.

Fully customizable reports will enable teams to provide the best customer experience in the future. Easily evaluate a team’s performance and optimize the processes to create an impeccable impression. A company can save email templates or work on email creation in real-time to be as helpful and time-efficient as possible.

With powerful API, it will be possible to integrate any service and pull any data from backend systems.

FrontApp integrations with LeadsBridge is a perfect solution that will give companies access to a wide range of tools and features to take the workflows to the next level and achieve tangible results faster.

FrontApp features:

  • Advanced Analytics

    A company will be able to get a deep insight into email activities, understand performance better by easily analyzing key metrics like open rate, response time, etc.

  • Universal Platform

    FrontApp is a universal multi-channel inbox that combines emails, text messages, live chats, and so much more. It will be much easier to manage and coordinate all communications.

  • Integrations

    FrontApp Facebook integration, FrontApp Gmail integration as well as integration with lots of other useful platforms, services and tools is possible to increase productivity and let a team use everything they need in one single place.


Discover all the possible integrations for FrontApp

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