Discover all the possible integrations for Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server

Discover all the possible integrations for Microsoft SQL Server

Connect Microsoft SQL Server with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Microsoft SQL Server data.

Microsoft SQL Server integration service is a powerful database management system that is created for storing and retrieving diverse requests.

Application development becomes more and more popular nowadays. Lots of startups and established software development companies need such an innovative solution like Microsoft SQL Server integration to achieve better performance, productivity, and quality of final results.

Microsoft SQL Server integration service is needed for a team of developers to build smart applications that combine scalability, intelligent performance as well as built-in security. The main thing to mention, Microsoft SQL Server integration service offers database compatibility certification that minimizes risks that an application will be incompatible with it. Persistent memory support, as well as memory-optimized TempDB, can perfectly cope with improving performance for critical workloads.

With Microsoft SQL Server integration, it’s possible to connect all data and combine it from any source through an extensive connector library and transformations in SSAS tabular models. Besides, it’s possible to explore visual data and perform interactive analysis with BI tools. The Server offers big data clusters that enable tools to store and prepare data for deep analysis and train machine learning models.

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SQL Server allows a team of developers to get deep insight from all the data. It’s possible to do this by querying all types of data to get the full picture with built-in options.

The platform allows developers to improve stability as well as the response time of a database. There is no need to make app changes because there is all the variety of built-in options for data protection, classification, and monitoring alerts.

With Microsoft SQL Server, it will be possible to run transactions much faster with enhanced availability. Mission-critical workloads will be run on Windows and Linux as well as by using containers in the cloud, premises, or hybrid environment. The system will help manage structured and unstructured data faster through data clusters and virtualization.

A team can access extensive interactive BI reports that can be opened on any device to make better and well-informed decisions. The SQL Server can help a company migrate all existing applications or build new ones with top performance.

The system enables companies to build extremely scalable services on Azure for built-in security and great performance. There is no need to redesign apps to improve their performance when migrating to Azure.

There are various guides as well as webinars on a website that will help to explore the full features of Microsoft SQL Server to get the most of this platform.

Microsoft SQL Server offers companies innovative security features. It is a highly safe and secure platform that will keep all the data protected and confidential with data encryption and innovative safety measures. All vulnerabilities are minimized. All security and compliance goals will be achieved with ease.

Microsoft SQL Server integration with LeadsBridge will allow companies to fully benefit from both services and use all the advanced features for development and business needs. It is the best solution for a software development company that will help in performing daily tasks more effectively as well as in maintaining the highest quality results.

Microsoft SQL Server features:

  • Fast Database Recovery

    The database is highly available, and database recovery can be performed fast and consistently, regardless of the size or number of active transactions.

  • Universal Tool

    Microsoft SQL Server integration enables teams to manage and combine structured and unstructured data as well as access the data with T-SQL or Spark.

  • International Platform

    It’s possible to choose a preferred language to use the SQL Server effectively no matter where a company is located. A team can choose a platform of their choice and run the SQL Server on Windows or Linux.


Discover all the possible integrations for Microsoft SQL Server

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