Integrations available for IBM Data Warehouse
IBM Data Warehouse

Integrations available for IBM Data Warehouse

Connect IBM Data Warehouse with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your IBM Data Warehouse data.

IBM Data Warehouse is a fully managed and elastic data warehouse cloud that offers independent storage and processing scaling with a highly optimized columnar data archive, flexible compression, and in-memory processing to enhance analysis and machine learning workloads.

IBM Data Warehouse offers data warehouse solutions for integrated, cloud, and on-premise appliances, providing organizations with a flexible, high-performance data analytics base that can provide predictive insights for more data-driven decision making.

Developed and powered with AI technology, all three platforms are included in the IBM Db2® family of products and provide a standard SQL engine to simplify queries and machine learning features that improve data management performance.

IBM Data Warehouse features:

  • Compatible with on-premise data warehouses

    IBM Data Wharehouse is compatible with IBM Netezza® and Oracle workloads.

  • Highly Security

    IBM Data Warehouse offers a fully automated, expertly managed, and highly secure cloud service.

  • Highly resilient and reliable

    IBM Data Warehouse offers complete data protection thanks to the ability to perform instant backups and disaster recovery backups.

Integrations available for IBM Data Warehouse

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