Discover all the possible integrations for

Discover all the possible integrations for

Connect with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your data. is a two-way chatbot that has a human-friendly way of collecting data from website visitors. With integration, business owners can build interactive interfaces for websites. Users get the ability to design the conversational flow and integrate the bot interface into the website.

Using, business owners can gain more prospects and leads, enhance their visitor engagement, learn more about their customers and provide customized support to them 24/7. Being automated, these chatbots interact with visitors and collect valuable information from them which can unveil several lucrative business opportunities.

Anyone can make the chatbot as it is quite intuitive, using simple drag and drop question templates. Also, the bots can be installed by a simple copy and paste method. When visitors access the website, these automated bots will initiate conversations and record the responses. Owners would be notified on every response, staying updated round the clock.

These chatbots are a good replacement of taking out information from the prospects and leads who usually avoid filling boring lengthy forms. Acting as a replacement for those static web forms and sales representatives’ repetitive questions, these chatbots are a contemporary way to convert visitors into customers.

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One of the primary features is that it’s not just limited to websites; it can also be integrated with other apps without requiring any major coding or IT assistance. Hundreds of social media applications in the business workflow such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, LinkedIn, Zapier, Xero, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and many have’s chatbot embedded to enhance the professional business approach.

This contemporary chatbot software offers innovative features like logical jump, which helps in jumping between questions according to the replies from the visitor’s end. This feature ensures consistency and flows in the chatbot conversations with the visitor, making it look more realistic and interesting throughout. Logical jump is a smart feature that ensures coming up with questions in relation to the context. features multiple language options. Be it French, Spanish, German or any other foreign language; a chatbot can be ready in a matter of minutes. The process of adding the text in the required language and setting the translation is straightforward. In addition, businesses can keep a track on their chatbot conversations via Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel, which can help in understanding the customer.

This chatbot can help all kinds of business professionals in enhancing their conversion and engagement with increased prospects and leads. Apart from the advance way of bringing in customers, has a simple procedure for making and integrating. With this modern chatbot software, multiple orders, feedback, suggestions, enquiries, appointments, bookings, meetings, surveys and much more can be collected in no time. features:

  • Instant Notifications

    Email notifications are sent on users’ registered email addresses whenever the chatbot completes a conversation with a visitor.

  • Consistency Conversations

    The logical jump feature enables the chatbot to function smartly, jumping between questions according to the replies for a human-friendly approach touch.

  • Multiple Languages has several foreign languages for all users. It helps in translating chatbots in the required language.

  • Track Conversations

    The modern chatbot helps users to keep track on the conversations through Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.


Discover all the possible integrations for

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