Discover all the possible integrations for ChatFuel

Discover all the possible integrations for ChatFuel

Connect ChatFuel with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your ChatFuel data.

Chatfuel app is an intuitive and versatile program that allows the user to create chatbots for Facebook Messenger. The program integrates directly with Facebook Messenger and allows users to create highly customized chatbots with no programming knowledge required.

How Chatfuel works? The user can set up predetermined options for the client to select and pre-recorded responses to each query. Furthermore, the AI backend of the program allows the chatbot to process natural language and generate responses easily and quickly.

The software is easy to learn, and companies can use any Chatfuel tutorial to train their social media team. It helps in engaging the target audience effectively. The program also provides various customizable templates to customize interactive features further. An extensive library of plug-ins is also offered to allow Chatfuel integration with other apps and websites through their API.

The available plug-ins deliver many functions such as sending audio or videos, saving user input to a database, integration with Google Sheets, and subscription to RSS feeds. Other plug-ins are also available that allow the user to integrate live chat options with their chatbot as well as the ability to send notifications and reminders to existing chats and clients.

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Users interacting with the chatbots can quickly sign up to connected services using their Facebook account. The platform allows the admin to join the first 1000 chats for free with Chatfuel, after which the administrator must upgrade to a pro plan to accommodate more users.

Features of the pro version include extended management and customization abilities, with a more extensive collection of plug-ins, along with the ability to export user interactions to a spreadsheet.

Admins can also manipulate the chatbot easily by cloning individual sections or blocks for repetition, a group of messages and interactions, or complete chatbots for multiple deployments of the same setup.

Chatfuel features also include advanced analytics and metrics for each page, user, and chatbot. These stats report on various parameters such as the number of sent, open, or clicked messages and total message counts, along with the ability to communicate on the most popular user responses and queries for further optimization of the options.

Chatfuel is a user-friendly application most useful for the automation of customer management and interactions. It is also a good option for data collection and management and creates ease and efficiency for the handling of marketing messages, subscriptions, and product introduction to customers.

Chatfuel integrates into the workflow by allowing users to contact human moderators and admins by notifying them by email or by directly forwarding the conversation to a moderator or administrator.

ChatFuel features:

  • Automation for Facebook

    Chatfuel allows users to automate responses for their Facebook page by creating customizable chatbots for enhanced convenience for the users.

  • Advanced Customization

    Chatfuel also enables users to customize responses and displays with which the user can create message blocks, automated responses, content cards, and links.

  • Data Collection

    Users can also collect data and process it efficiently, including directing the target audience to specific links or allowing them to subscribe.

  • Chatfuel Integrations

    Chatfuel allows users to integrate commonly used apps and programs with their chatbots, enabling the export of data to Google Sheets and other such programs.


Discover all the possible integrations for ChatFuel

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