Discover all the possible integrations for ManyChat

Discover all the possible integrations for ManyChat

Connect ManyChat with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your ManyChat data.

ManyChat is a professional tool that helps its users in creating chat-bots for digital engagement with potential clients, generating leads, and engaging in customer support. Its main area of expertise is its integration with Messenger by Facebook.

ManyChat’s easy-to-use drag-and-drop system makes it extremely convenient. A user can formulate and bring a bot to the working phase within an average time of 25 minutes.

The main selling point of this feature is that you don’t need to have the technical knowledge of how to program a robot. The back-end code of the application manages everything. The user connects their Facebook page with ManyChat, and the app starts doing the job for them.

An average bot created using ManyChat can carry the conversation with a potential client up to the point of purchase of service. It can also register an order and save it in its data storage. However, the versatility of the bot depends on the creativity of its creator.

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ManyChat Integration with Facebook Messenger means its users can grow their audience and send traffic to their products in an effortless manner. Using ManyChat, the user can send traffic towards virtually any application. This includes their website, social media page, or YouTube channel, to name a few.

A customer has subscribed automatically to the user’s service after the first interaction with the chat-bot. ManyChat is useful in publishing broadcasts to subscribed customers. It’s especially useful for sending promotional messages and maximizes customer retention.

Features of ManyChat also include broadcasting through emails and SMS along with Messenger messages. Its integration with emails using LeadsBridge allows it to run marketing campaigns over email. This being said, ManyChat provides its users with analytical data related to regular growth, average clicks, triggers, and statistics regarding the interaction of customers.

ManyChat integration into your business can be very useful in growing engagement, audience, and subscribers. It is also handy in increasing brand awareness.

Through segmentation, users can separate their audience based on their location, interests, likes, hobbies, and online activity. ManyChat lets companies group their audience based on their characteristics and send curated offerings that speak to customers on a personal level.

Google Sheets integration is another useful feature. The chat-bot automatically saves customer data into the affiliated Google accounts sheets. This is useful in keeping track of sales, leads, and customer interactions. ManyChat real estate chat-bots can be used to provide quick and easy contact information to potential clients.

With 24/7 customer support, ManyChat boasts a helpful support force. They are always available, making problem-solving hassle-free.

ManyChat integration brings along many tools for an efficient workflow. By integrating ManyChat with LeadsBridge, users can save data processed by the chat-bots by their preference. LeadsBridge maximizes the user’s choices when it comes to increasing efficiency.

Using LeadsBridge, companies can synchronize customer data retrieved by chat-bots through multiple platforms and use the ManyChat lead generation feature for enhancing the possibility of finding a positive lead that directly translates into profit. It’s safe to say that these features ease the workflow of marketing teams and save hundreds of hours of work, which can be efficiently utilized towards productivity.

ManyChat features:

  • User-friendly Interface

    ManyChat is designed for maximum productivity. It features graphs and charts highlighting regular growth. Dealing with complicated terminology, ManyChat has successfully designed a beautiful and easy to learn interface.

  • Instant Messaging

    The best part about ManyChat is its ability to interact with customers automatically. The quick response time of chat-bots gives an excellent first impression on a potential consumer, highlighting the fact that their time is well-utilized. Time is money, and being able to get basic questions answered quickly for a prospective client is critical.

  • ManyChat Lead Generation

    With ManyChat, customers can swiftly write up their details using the already available public information on their Facebook profiles. This streamlines lead generation and save time for both parties.

  • Trackable Data

    ManyChat enables users to record purchases and other conversions within Messenger, SMS, and on the website. The data can be used for informed decision making.


Discover all the possible integrations for ManyChat

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