Discover all the possible integrations for Octopus

Discover all the possible integrations for Octopus

Connect Octopus with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Octopus data.

Octopus is a powerful and reliable deployment platform that enables companies to manage releases, automate deployments as well as daily and emergency operations tasks.

The platform that facilitates the deployment process is needed for DevOps teams. Octopus features will be perfect for any SMB companies as well as for enterprises and large corporations. Octopus can satisfy all needs, optimize the workflow, and allow teams to achieve results faster and more effectively.

With Octopus integration, a team will be able to manage all releases from one single dashboard. Teammates can get all the information needed like when was the last deployment to production, whether it has been successful or not, etc.

In addition, a team can promote releases between different environments that include dev, test, QA, and production. Octopus integration ensures consistent deployment for each separate environment. During the process, a system can require human approval to cancel or approve the deployment.

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Octopus features include deployment automation, even for the most complex cases. Except for environment consistency, Octopus can offer teams all the variety of advanced deployment features and 300+ steps to automate even very complex software deployment on-premises or in the cloud.

The platform gives access to diverse built-in step templates for the deployment process of practically any application. Manual intervention steps are possible to involve employees or adding scripts steps using Bash or PowerShell.

Octopus team understands that each environment is unique and different, so the service will help companies take care of test and production configuration settings. All data will be stored securely, and values will be replaced automatically in all configuration files with no need for scripting.

With this platform, a company can apply self-service deployments, so any team member can deploy and release whenever they feel like it. It’s possible to use permission control to manage employees that can deploy to production. All deployment logs will be seen from a central view to stay on top of all changes and process progress.

Deploying applications on behalf of multiple end customers is possible only with Octopus. In addition, the service enables effective certificate management, and a team will securely store and deploy them as well as get notification when certificates are about to expire.

The platform also allows a company to release, deploy, and operate all software from one single place, whether from an Octopus server or from an Octopus cloud for increased productivity. Octopus can audit all changes and lets a team see what has been changed in all environments from one place.

Octopus integration with LeadsBridge is a great option that will grant teams various extra tools and features to achieve tangible results faster

Octopus features:

  • Release Management

    Octopus integration enables a team to create a reliable release promotion workflow that includes all the permissions, auditing, and approvals.

  • Deployment Automation

    The most complicated deployments can be easily automated by teams as there are hundreds of deployment steps and patterns like Canary, Blue/Green are supported.

  • Integrations

    A company can integrate Octopus features with Jira for even more effective deployment and bug detection and testing.


Discover all the possible integrations for Octopus

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