Integrations available for Tableau

Integrations available for Tableau

Connect Tableau with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Tableau data.

Tableau is an interactive and self-service reporting and analysis tool that allows the company to integrate and combine data from multiple sources into views and access them in a single desktop environment using Tableau Desktop or a shared dashboard.

Providing a revolutionary new approach when it comes to business intelligence, Tableau's solution enables companies to connect, view quickly, and share data with an efficient, seamless experience, from PC to iPad.

With Tableau, companies can create and publish dashboards and share them with partners, colleagues, or customers, but without the need for programming skills. By using an online tableau service or tableau server, there will be no obstacles to allowing data to flow seamlessly from one platform to another.

Tableau offers its customers a specific suite of products, which can be used both on Desktop via any Web browser and on mobile devices. Here is an overview of Tableau products:

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Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is a report development tool used for reporting and formatting data in visualizations. These views can be organized in a dashboard for individual use or shared via Tableau Server.

This product connects easily to hundreds of data sources, both in the cloud and on-premise, to begin the analysis that allows you to answer questions, solve problems, and discover insights.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server is a secure portal that allows dashboards created in Tableau Desktop to be shared securely with other users from any browser or mobile device.

Tableau Server can be implemented in workflows both in the cloud and on-premise on Windows or Linux. It can also be perfectly integrated with existing security and authentication protocols. In addition, Tableau Server allows organizations to be more data-driven with features such as content management, data sharing and collaboration, regulated data access, and dashboards and comprehensive insights.

Tableau online

This product offers accessibility for users anywhere, anytime. Fully cloud-based, this platform provides self-service analysis and eliminates the need to configure servers, scale down hardware capacity, and manage software updates.

Tableau Prep

This product was designed to allow organizations to perform data preparation on a large scale. It is ideal for accelerating data analysis and combining, modeling, and cleaning data without writing code. It has smart features to simplify data preparation and deepen understanding of data using direct and visual feedback.

Tableau features:

  • Connect to various data sources

    Tableau's productivity allows users to connect to a variety of information resources to import and view data quickly and easily.

  • Advanced Collaboration

    Tableau takes full advantage of collaboration by ensuring that all team members are aware of what is going on around them.

  • Intuitive and straightforward interface

    Tableau is a simple and intuitive tool, with data analysis that requires only a few drag moves.

Integrations available for Tableau

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