Integrations available for Zebra CRM
Zebra CRM

Integrations available for Zebra CRM

Connect Zebra CRM with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Zebra CRM data.

Zebra CRM is a powerful customer relationship management tool that helps businesses improve their customer relationships and drive more sales.

A customer relationship management system is needed for any company to manage clients and leads more effectively and turn random visitors into loyal customers by effectively nurturing them. In this case, Zebra CRM features will be a great choice for any small to medium company that wants to connect and engage with audiences better.

Zebra CRM integrations enable a team to easily manage sales centers through a simple and convenient interface. Managing leads will be possible, and a salesperson will be able to prioritize leads to works with the most highly valued ones to close deals. A team member will be able to provide support and communicate with one customer at a time, as the system won’t allow two agents to connect with the same client.

Also, with Zebra CRM features, a company will get detailed reports on average call duration time, service quality to evaluate the performance and make proper improvements if needed. A business can get a deep insight into all sales activities to improve the process and make adjustments to achieve better results in the future.

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Zebra CRM integrations enable a company to effectively manage leads obtained from the diverse marketing campaigns, assign them to the right sales agents, and track every step of the life cycle. A company will be in full control of business operations. Zebra CRM features allow a team to send personalized emails and SMS from the same tool with no need to switch between applications.

Relevant and targeted messages can be sent automatically to save time on more important tasks. A team can set up a range of trigger emails and send more detailed and tailored messages with new offers, hot discounts, or the latest company news.

CRM can also facilitate the professional tasks of team members. Zebra CRM enables a company to schedule tasks and monitor performance. All tasks can be created manually or automatically based on the setting. It can be a reminder to call a certain client or to create a monthly sales report.

The system will be perfect for eCommerce businesses as Zebra CRM makes it possible to manage bookkeeping procedures as well. With this software, a company will be able to generate invoices, receipts, and monitor the payment collection status. The system allows generating accounting documentation such as shipping certificates, payment confirmations, vendor accounts, etc.

Zebra CRM integrations with LeadsBridge will give businesses access to different tools and features that will optimize the workflow and will make communication with customers more effective and converting.

Zebra CRM features:

  • Integrations

    Zebra CRM integrations are possible with diverse widely used tools and apps to enhance the experience and optimize the workflow.

  • Powerful Analytics

    A team will be able to access advanced visualized analytics to measure the performance through various graphs, charts, and diagrams.

  • Easy In Use

    The CRM has a very straightforward interface and features that will be accessible for any team to benefit from it with ease, get better results, and close more deals.


Integrations available for Zebra CRM

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