Discover all the possible integrations for checkout on Instagram
checkout on Instagram

Discover all the possible integrations for checkout on Instagram

Connect checkout on Instagram with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your checkout on Instagram data.

Checkout on Instagram is an in-app payment system that allows Instagram users to buy directly into the application, creating a simplified two-touch process to convert Instagram followers into customers.

Before this new payment system, only "shopping" mode existed on Instagram that allowed users to insert a type of post called "Shoppable post," which, through unique tags, transferred customers directly to the corresponding e-commerce site.

Today, through the checkout on Instagram function, Instagram's goal is to improve the customer buying experience, allowing customers to complete the purchase without leaving the platform.

Checkout on Instagram allows businesses to sell products directly within the app. As a business, users can add product tags to Instagram posts to let customers learn more about products.

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Checkout on Instagram offers numerous benefits for users, such as:

Reduce friction to purchase:

This is a considerable benefit because the fields of the purchase form are automatically filled in, including those of the credit card. The user will have to enter the data only during the first purchase. Then the fields will be automatically filled in every time the user makes a purchase.

Secure payment:

The payment system within Instagram guarantees a secure payment environment within the app to keep all users' data safe. In fact, the data will no longer be managed by external e-commerce sites.

Create a seamless buying experience:

Thanks to checkout on Instagram, users will be able to choose a product and buy it with a couple of taps, making the purchase quickly and easily.

What are the posts from which you can buy with checkout on Instagram? The posts are those that are found in the "Explore" section in the "shopping" category or the posts with a small bag-shaped icon in the lower left of the image.

By clicking on a tag, a label appears on the object that can be purchased, with information on the name and price. All users have to do is enter their name, email, billing information, and shipping address, only for the first checkout.

Once the order is completed, the user will receive notification messages on the status of the order, shipping, and delivery, directly within Instagram, avoiding leaving the platform. Checkout on Instagram supports several payment gateways such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

By using checkout on Instagram integration with LeadsBridge, businesses will be able to mirror their eCommerce platform with this payment system.

In this way, sellers can automatically enter orders received via checkout on Instagram directly into their Order Management System, managing the logistics and shipments of products.

By integrating checkout on Instagram through LeadsBridge, the status of product stocks will be automatically communicated to the platform, to have the products available under control. It is also possible to carry out Feed & catalog management, automatically bringing all the data of your products directly to checkout on Instagram in a smarter way.

The integration between checkout on Instagram and LeadsBridge allows you to automatically manage return & refund processing, giving users complete control over the situation of returns/refunds requested by customers.

checkout on Instagram features:

  • In-app notification

    Once the order is completed, the user will receive notification messages on the status of the order, shipping, and delivery, directly within Instagram.

  • In-app payments

    Thanks to the payment gateways supported by Instagram Checkout, making payments will be quick and easy. All without having to leave the Instagram app.

  • Two-touch process

    The two-touch process system allows users to purchase a product directly from Instagram, thus speeding up the process from User to Customer.

  • Reduce friction to purchase

    Checkout on Instagram is a quick and easy way for people to make a purchase from your business, and their payment credentials are securely saved for future purchases.


Discover all the possible integrations for checkout on Instagram

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