Discover all the possible integrations for Tenstreet

Discover all the possible integrations for Tenstreet

Connect Tenstreet with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 370 integrations to get the most out from your Tenstreet data.

What is Tenstreet? It is a software that is designed to connect drivers with carriers and allows them to fill their trucks and manage compliance in a convenient and far more efficient manner. This allows truck drivers to have enough spare time to focus on their personal lives and interests, giving them space to rest and create ideal work and life balance.

With Tenstreet integration into the company's technology infrastructure, carriers can find and hire experienced and qualified drivers quickly and efficiently. This helps them take the burden away from their drivers by offering a DOT-compliant mobile app that fills most of the information automatically. It also means that the carriers receive completely DOT compliant apps more frequently and have a better chance to hire better drivers.

Using an extensively integrated Driver Qualification File system, carriers have the ability to track everything related to the trucks, including inspections and the accidents that happen on the road. The tool helps them stay compliant at all times and deliver an exceptional experience to the drivers from the point of recruitment to post-recruitment.

Tenstreet offers versatile solutions that can adapt to the evolving needs and circumstances of the business. It helps carriers in removing redundancies and bringing operational and financial efficiencies through streamlined processes and methods. This allows businesses to get on top of their operations and focus more on tasks that can drive revenues and growth.

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The marketing solution offered by Tenstreet allows carriers to create a strong presence in different digital avenues and bring in finished applications at a much lower cost. They can purchase their job board ads from a single storefront while the ability to evaluate the return on investment and marketing spend across different jobs helps carriers in making more informed decisions.

Carriers receive a notification when drivers leave incomplete applications so they can re-engage those candidates. On the other hand, personalized automated email campaigns with distinct branding help businesses to pique the interest of the right candidates and convert them into their drivers. Access to data and stats helps carriers identify the sources of incoming applications, while visual reporting enables them to make accurate predictions.

With a database of over 3 million active drivers, Tenstreet prepopulates an overwhelming majority of the fields, including personal info, license details, employment history, number of violations and accidents, and more. This allows carriers to receive more complete applications, so they have the luxury of choosing the best drivers for the job.

Tenstreet brings a wide variety of robust tools that allow drivers to fill out different forms, watch training videos, and finish online quizzes to complete their orientation preparation. Digitization of signatory confirmation and document sharing means drivers can meet the onboarding requirements from the comfort of their home, saving time while the carriers turn a tedious manual job into an efficient process.

Tenstreet features:

  • Complete Driver Recruitment Solution

    Tenstreet offers a complete recruitment solution to carriers as they can control all the aspects of the hiring process to ensure they’re getting the best drivers.

  • Conversion Focused Marketing

    From automated email marketing campaigns to job board ads, carriers can bring their acquisition cost down by bringing in more finished applications.

  • Extensive Database of Drivers

    Leveraging a database of over three million drivers, Tenstreet can fill in most of the information about drivers improving the odds of receiving complete apps.

  • Efficient Onboarding

    With a suite of robust tools that helps drivers to prepare for the orientation, Tenstreet makes it easy for carriers to execute their onboarding strategy.


Discover all the possible integrations for Tenstreet

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