Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Job Postings
Facebook Job Postings

Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Job Postings

Connect Facebook Job Postings with your favorite tool in a few clicks. Choose between over 380 integrations to get the most out from your Facebook Job Postings data.

Facebook Job Postings is a feature of Facebook for Business which allows brands to create job openings and post them through their official Facebook page. With Facebook Job Postings integration, businesses can identify the right talent they need by leveraging the power of a social platform.

How does Facebook Job Postings work? It enables businesses to reach qualified and competent candidates all over the world when they're using the social network. Posting job openings on a page is completely free, unlike dedicated platforms which can become quite expensive really quick. The job postings not only show up but also link to the brand'sFacebook page.

Facebook Job Postings also help potential candidates to know and learn the businesses before they apply for the job. Using a social network for recruitment, businesses give potential employees a chance to make themselves aware of the brand through a social lens, including the type of customers they deal with. This also means that businesses receive more applications from candidates who are informed about what they do, their culture, and their work ethic.

These job postings also appear on Jobs Bookmark as well as Marketplace for extensive exposure which leads to thousands of people seeing the post. Interested people have the option to apply for the job from any device, including laptops, desktop PCs, and mobile phones. Once the job has been posted, the business can process, review, and track candidate applications, reach out to them and set up interviews through Facebook Messenger.

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Just like brands can boost their average daily posts, there's also an option to boost these job posts from the business page. This helps in making the reach of the post even more extensive and serving the post to a highly targeted audience in specific regions. Boosting the job post can provide a number of high-quality qualified candidates cutting down the processing, tracking, and interviewing time.

Facebook Job Postings offers numerous features that enable brands and companies to describe their job opening thoroughly using details, questions, and specifics. This also helps interested candidates to view job openings in their local area and apply for the job they're qualified for right away through the Facebook page. The process removes a lot of hurdles and makes it efficient for both the company and the potential employees.

This is an ideal platform for businesses as it helps them reach out to the people directly with a highly detailed job description along with the business page offering all the information potential candidates and employees need to learn about the business.

Facebook Job Postings features:

  • Social Platform

    Using Facebook Job Postings, businesses can reach out to average potential candidates through a social network in a more relaxed environment.

  • Find Qualified Brand Aware Candidates

    People can learn about the business through their brand page, increasing the probability of acquiring highly aware and informed candidates.

  • Use Boost for Extended Reach

    Brands can use the boost post feature to increase the reach of their job postings and make it more targeted for better results.

  • Direct Two-Way Communication

    With Facebook, there's no agent or website between the company and the candidate. This allows both parties to evaluate the other transparently.


Discover all the possible integrations for Facebook Job Postings

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