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As an official TikTok partner, we help you connect TikTok Lead Generation and TikTok Conversions with your entire marketing stack. This way, you can focus on tracking results and optimizing your campaigns’ performance.

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Our customers asked and we delivered: Our integrations with TikTok Lead Generation and TikTok Conversions are LIVE!

Directly within your TikTok Ads Manager account, you can easily sync TikTok Lead Generation campaigns and TikTok Conversions to your favorite marketing and advertising platforms.

This solution empowers businesses to connect directly with audiences while safeguarding the information of the community and securing users’ data.

With our TikTok integrations, data will be synced automatically, safely and in real time, all the time.

The power of TikTok and LeadsBridge

Integrate TikTok Ads with your CRM for seamless lead generation and conversion tracking.

TikTok Lead Generation allows you to offer a seamless experience to your customers. Thanks to a pre-filled form and an innovative mobile-optimized technology, they can interact with your ad directly on the platform, without having to move to an external landing page – which results in a higher conversion rate.

TikTok Conversions allow you to discover the true sales impact of your TikTok campaigns by accurately attributing and tracking conversions. As a result, you gain valuable insights into the real performance of your TikTok campaigns.

Customize TikTok ads for better campaigns and higher ROAs

TikTok Lead Generation helps you generate leads directly on the platform, through an instant form that is already pre-populated with the user’s relevant information gathered from their TikTok profile. This reduces friction and makes it easier for users to fill the form and submit it.

But wait – there’s more! The form can be customized to fit your industry, marketing needs, and business goals, giving you the opportunity to connect directly with people that are interested in your business.

Reach your leads fast and nurture them with relevant content

Once users interact with your ad, data gets stored on TikTok. Gathering this information fast helps you reach, engage and nurture your leads with relevant content right on time, which will increase your chances of turning them into customers. LeadsBridge can help you do that.

Connecting TikTok Lead Generation to your CRM, email marketing software, autoresponder – or any other marketing & advertising tool – allows you to skip manual lead data transfer from one platform to another, and to start nurturing your prospects right away.

Understand the real sales impact of your online campaigns

Understanding which TikTok ads are truly driving sales and generating revenue is crucial for the success of your campaigns.

With TikTok Conversions, you can attribute conversions to your TikTok Ads and monitor which online campaigns are actually generating sales offline, and which ones need optimization.

By integrating TikTok Conversions with the rest of your marketing stack through LeadsBridge, you can further streamline and automate this process, making sure your TikTok Ads are always optimized for great results.

Rely on direct relationships with valuable partners

We have consolidated relationships with valuable partners such as TikTok, and many other big companies.

These relationships allow us and our customers to have easy and fast-tracked access to their products and direct support, with the availability of a Partner Solution Engineer.

With their help, we can improve our activities to offer the best services to our customers.


Integrate TikTok with your marketing stack

Our platform makes it easy to connect TikTok Lead Generation and TikTok Conversions with the rest of your marketing stack. In just a few clicks, you can automate your TikTok campaigns, avoid the unnecessary headache of manual tasks, and understand the real performance of your ads. Stay ahead of your competition, follow up with leads faster, and increase your ROI – all in one!


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