1. Why my company is listed on

Why my company is listed on

If you are seeing your company listed on website, specifically on the URL path it means that our customers requested us an integration with your service / SaaS platform.

What is LeadsBridge?

LeadsBridge is a connector that allows SMB and enterprises to connect their apps and tools with their advertising or marketing online campaigns.

Why your company is on the Waiting List?

We always listen to our customers’ requests, so if your software has been listed on our website it means that once we’ll reach a certain cap of requests, we may be interested in developing an integration with your solution, with your permission of course.

Did anybody reach out to your company asking for an integration?

Yes, our practice is that before we put your brand on our website, a member of our Partnership Team reaches out your company by email or phone and ask for authorization on using your logos and trademarks.

If you think this did not happen, feel free to send a request to and one of our team members will get back to you immediately.

Does LeadsBridge hurt my brand?

On the contrary! LeadsBridge helps to advertise your brand. LeadsBridge is the go-to solution to ease your development queue from countless requests of integrations that companies usually can’t keep up with.

How LeadsBridge can help my company grows?

LeadsBridge became an ally of hundreds of companies (as you can see here) and always provides a strategic win-win partnership to all integration partners.

As a partner we provide multiple benefits:

  1. Reduce churn offering tons of different integrations
  2. Ease your development queue
  3. Get visibility through comarketing activities
  4. Get access to the newest technologies on the martech and adtech industries
  5. Much much more

Feel free to reach out to and one of our team members will get back to you immediately explaining how we can work together.