Automate payment data by using LeadsBridge to connect your favorite payment gateway with your CRM

With LeadsBridge, you can seamlessly connect your favorite payment gateway platform with your CRM for quick and up-to-date notifications and management data. Avoid having to manually check your payment gateway platform every time you get a payment.

  • LeadsBridge has the largest selection of CRM integrations. Connect your payment gateway with any of the major CRMs
  • Avoid the need to check your email with every payment. LeadsBridge sends the payment data straight to your CRM of choice
  • Connect your payment gateway platform directly to your email notification platform for quick and updated payment information
  • Automate your payment collection process and avoid having to manually upload CSV files. Once the connection is made, it’s all set

is not available but…
Send us a request and we’ll put on our integration roadmap!