Generate more leads with the Cloud4wi + DriveCentric integration
Cloud4wi / DriveCentric

Generate more leads with the Cloud4wi + DriveCentric integration

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Quick summary of Cloud4wi

Cloud4Wi offers a suite of corporate wifi guests, location analysis and location-based marketing products. Their mission is to help companies in various sectors such as: chain stores, restaurant chains, shopping centers, transport and other to engage visitors.

The main global brands already rely on Cloud4Wi, for example: ABSA, Adecco, Bulgari, Burger King, Carmila, FS Group Italiane, HFE, Illy, Loro Piana, McDonald's, Prada Group, Olive Garden and VTB24.

To date, the Cloud4Wi suite of products connects over 100 million mobile users across 30,000 locations in over 100 countries, collecting over 7.5 billion monthly location data.

Quick summary of DriveCentric

DriveCentric is a premier customer relationship management (CRM) and internet marketing company based out of Indianapolis and St Louis.

DriveCentric is the premier CRM tool to give your dealership the cutting-edge and connect with your customers on a whole new level.

DriveCentric offers a simple yet powerful interface that anyone can use. Its intuitive design makes it simple for salespeople to do their job, sell cars. No more jumping between multiple confusing systems, DriveCentric consolidates everything into one rich user experience.

What you can do with Cloud4wi and DriveCentric

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