Generate more leads with the ComparaOnline + checkout on Instagram integration
ComparaOnline / checkout on Instagram

Streamline your data management process with the ComparaOnline + checkout on Instagram integration

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Quick summary of ComparaOnline

ComparaOnline is the leading price comparison site for financial & insurance services in Latin America, is a price comparison platform allowing customers to make an informed decision when purchasing complex financial products, while optimizing customer acquisition for financial companies.

It is designed for insurance and financial products.

ComparaOnline also has experience in sales execution, saving customer`s time, and improving the user experience, moreover It partners with banks and insurance providers.

Quick summary of checkout on Instagram

Checkout on Instagram is an "in-app" payment system, which would allow Instagram to be compared to a real eCommerce site. The checkout function enables users to purchase without ever leaving the Instagram app, creating a simplified and two-touch process to convert Instagram followers directly into loyal customers.

With checkout on Instagram, customers can make a simple tap to view a product from an affordable post and then continue the payment process, all within Instagram. All they have to do is enter their name, email, billing information, and shipping address, only the first time they checkout.

The ability to guide the audience from browsing to buying in a few quick touches has a significant impact on the conversion rate as it creates a unique experience for customers. Furthermore, checkout on Instagram ensures that brands do not have access to valuable customer data (such as emails) since all communications are managed by Instagram rather than by the brand directly, avoiding excessive data dissemination.

What you can do with ComparaOnline and checkout on Instagram

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