DiruptiveForms are web forms specifically designed for Lead generation. In fact, DisruptiveForms leverage a brand-new pending technology that enables businesses and entrepreneurs to collect leads online easier than traditional opt-in forms.

DisruptiveForms enable you to use pre-filled forms with the website visitor's data, in order to dramatically reduce form abandonment. By doing so, you'll be able to increase the leads without sending more traffic to your landing pages through organic sources and ads.

Once a visitor lands to a page with a Disruptive Form and fills in the email, DisruptiveForms automatically fill in all the other empty fields (like name, company name, phone number, etc.). The information used to pre-fill the forms are taken from public data previously shared by visitors on Google, LinkedIn and other sources online. Moreover, once the users fill in the first Disruptive Form with their data, our technology automatically fills in the fields of any other form on other web pages using this technology.

ActiveDemand is a marketing automation tool that you can integrate with your CRM in order to align your sales and marketing activity. ActiveDemand allows businesses of any size to deliver their collected leads to CRMs, together with historical information and crucial data that sales teams can leverage to make more sales. With ActiveDemand you can segmentate your audience and identify the right strategies to convert a lead into customer.

Thanks to an easy and configurable lead scoring, ActiveDemand lets you and your team understand the quality of your leads, allowing you to make better decisions, timely. ActiveDemand’s features are designed to take care of your customers during the entire sales process, and more. Once the client has been acquired, you can send the info back to marketing and further nurture and engage him/her, in order to increase the customers lifetime value.

ActiveDemand provides a transparent and intuitive analysis tool, that gives you an overview on all your marketing activities. Thanks to this, you’ll be able to easily understand what marketing campaigns are working and what needs to be improved.

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LeadsBridge is a set of automation tools designed to integrate businesses' assets with the most popular advertising platforms and lead generation tools.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, LeadsBridge allows companies to securely sync data to/from over 370 CRMs and custom solutions, avoiding any type of marketing interruptions and manual work.


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