Generate more leads with the Expedia + EverWebinar integration
Expedia / EverWebinar

Generate more leads with the Expedia + EverWebinar integration

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Quick summary of Expedia

Expedia is an online travel agency with a slew of competitors. The company was smart enough to roll with the changes necessary to keep the site modern, updated, and competitive with innovations on newer travel sites. Expedia has rolled out innovations like the “Trend Tracker,” which offers a list of destinations, then shows you the best time of year to go by showing a history of airfare prices, hotel rates and weather trends.

On the Welcome Page itself, you’ll find last minute fight deals, plus a “Build Your Trip” widget where you can book a flight, rental car and hotel or a combination of all three plus trip suggestions and contact numbers. Expedia also offers a low price guarantee, and has dropped flight booking fees.

The entire site is very easy to navigate, with links on the opening page that take you through the entire trip process, from providing information to finding good deals to booking your trip. On top of all these, Expedia constantly releases promo blitzes that offer substantial discounts to its customers.

Quick summary of EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a webinar solution that allows you to promote and run automated webinars, in order to engage your audience and increase conversions with minimal effort. With EverWebinar you can create webinar pages using beautifully designed, pre-made templates. Thanks to its drag-and-drop solution, you can take advantage of a high-level of personalization for your webinars without writing a single line of code.

When people subscribe for your webinars, you can record the events and run them in an evergreen mode. Then, you can promote events that start within a few minutes after your registrants opt-in, and generate leads with this technique. Moreover, you can block night-time webinars and define specific calendar. By doing so, you’ll be able to avoid dates that don’t suite to your plans (Sunday, holidays, and so on).

EverWebinar uses a time zone auto-detection. Thanks to this feature, you don’t need to ask your registrants to fill useful fields when they opt-in (which can reduce significantly your opt-in rates). Just set up the auto-detection time-zone and automatically give access to your attendees at the right time. EverWebinar increases the engagement with your leads thanks to its live chat simulator. Simply write or import your chat history, and when people register to the webinar, the system will display the chat as live.

What you can do with Expedia and EverWebinar

Create new EverWebinar subscribers in webinars with Expedia

Update EverWebinar subscribers in webinars with Expedia

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